Riding off into the sunset

Welp, long-time GTP foil and Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is hanging ’em up next year.


I’m just happy for Delany that he’s able to retire before being forced to take his conference Division III.

And how many Pac-12 presidents do you figure are on the phone to their Big Ten cohorts begging recommending they take Larry Scott off their hands to lead the Big Ten to even greater heights?


UPDATE:  For Dan Wetzel, playoff expansion hammer, Delany’s retirement is just another nail.


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11 responses to “Riding off into the sunset

  1. baitstand

    The obvious choice to replace him would be Corch.


  2. stoopnagle

    OK, I’ll do it:



  3. The other Doug

    Wetzel gives plenty of examples of when Delaney was inconsistent, but that is easily explained. Delaney was generally full of shit when he talked, but his actions were all about the money.

    I’m sure the next guy will be more of the same.


    • Napoleon BonerFart

      That’s the funny thing about Wetzel. Is he really as stupid as he sounds? It doesn’t take a master of psychology to understand Delaney’s motivations. But Wetzel’s column is one big exercise in ignoring the obvious fact that Delaney was chasing dollars in order to wax confusedly about what could possibly be motivating Delaney.

      But hey, younger administrators surely won’t be as hung up on the millions that Delaney was, eh?


    • The next guy won’t have the many years of talking shit about the bad for college sports and student athletes whilst garnering more fund$ to the BIG conference…gonna be a BIG fall off there!


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Boy am I getting old. I remember him on teams with Charlie Scott at UNC, and now he’s 71 and hanging it up.


  5. Cousin Eddie

    Rumors are Corch to big1G commissioner.


  6. Castleberry

    Late to the party here, but I just checked the Lexicon to make sure we had SEC Speed. You’re a good man, Senator.