“I’ve gotten fairly artful at it.”

Mike Leach, on dodging sideline reporters at halftime:

LOL.  Of course, there’s an obvious consequence for tipping your hand by going public with your tactics.

Back to you, guys!


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11 responses to ““I’ve gotten fairly artful at it.”

  1. Uglydawg

    Saban’s ears just perked up.


  2. Opelikadawg

    So, he’s the Artful Dodger?


  3. Greg

    The Bobby Knight of college football…


    • 3rdandGrantham

      I don’t think he’s the Bobby Knight in the slightest. Knight’s ‘comedy’ was based on being a totally mean, bad-tempered jackass, whom literally everyone hated (players, media, IU officials, etc) Leach is the opposite, and is more the good-natured type whom everyone seems to really like.


      • Greg

        His brashness, his ability to speak his mind without a filter. Not too many do that…as far as the other stuff goes, don’t know either of them, wouldn’t say either way.


    • Derek

      Woody Hayes was the Bobby Knight of college football. And Bobby’s behavioral mentor while at OSU.

      Leach, as far as I can tell, is not a bully and he’s far funnier and more clever than Knight.


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    My favorite line: “however, if they catch me I’m a good sport, and will say a few words; however my mind is elsewhere.”


  5. Red Cup

    Damn I wish he was in the SEC. Can you imagine Leach at SEC media days and being interviewed on Pawwwlll’s show?


  6. Salty Dawg

    His Twitter feed has some funny gifs! YMMV


  7. Russ

    I liked his blurb about “balance” somewhere in that thread. When he was at Texas Tech, they were getting ready to play KState. KState had previously held OU to season low in rushing. Texas Tech started the first series trying to run and promptly fell behind 7-0. The rest of the game they threw the ball and only ran a few more times and won 38-7 (or something like that).


  8. 69Dawg

    I’ve told this before but I ran into him in Key West coming out of BO’s Fish. He was in front of me and I said hi Coach. He immediately stopped and we talked for about five minutes about his time at Valdosta State and believe it or not his knowing Erk. Real nice guy and in my opinion a great offensive coach. I agree with an article I read when Kingsbury was named coach at Arizona “why does the NFL and colleges keep hiring the Mike Leach students and not Mike Leach.