Today’s NCAA “dog bites man” story

The only reason I mention this suspension story — a lacrosse player at Albany gets one for tagging a stick-stringing company in a social media post — isn’t because of the pettiness of it all (something the NCAA evidently realized, as it lifted the “indefinite” suspension after the news went public), but because of this quote from his head coach:

“He made a mistake. He put something on Instagram that violated a rule. Of course big brother monopoly we work under doesn’t allow you to do those types of things,” said Marr. “No warning, no nothing, just instant ‘you’re ineligible.'”  [Emphasis added.]

That is all kinds of awesome.  Hope Coach Marr isn’t looking at his own indefinite suspension for speaking truth to power.


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10 responses to “Today’s NCAA “dog bites man” story

  1. A warning should certainly be given.


  2. Skeptic Dawg

    Holy smoke! A lacrosse post on GTP! The convergence of two of my favorite things. Guess every Dawg does in fact have his day. The Nanticoke suspension was a big deal in the lacrosse world. The kid was the nation’s number 1 high school player from IMG Academy and took the college lacrosse world by storm as a freshman last year. To add to the story, Cornell is a 10 top team this season and Albany is coming off a championship weekend (the college lacrosse version of the final 4) appearance last season and you have a big game in the lacrosse world. Nanticoke jumped on the NCAA’s radar screen in the Fall when he left Albany due to academic issues only to return this Spring, alleged of course.


  3. Mayor

    See what happens when a HC or AD has the guts to go public and stand up for a player. McSpineless should take note.


    • The Dawg abides

      McGarity would have suspended the player, coach, equipment manager, and two football players to pay penance to the NCAA. All while bowing down without making eye contact.


  4. Uglydawg

    There is grey area between freedom of expression and endorsement.
    Can a kid not say, “That was a good steak” when leaving a restaurant without having to worry about a suspension?
    Maybe Nanticoke should sue the NCAA for attempting to suppress his first amendment rights. That’s really what they’re doing with this sort of power grab.
    When we see an organization going to this length to justify or expand it’s existence and power, we should consider if it’s time to cut it down a notch or two.


  5. Tony Barnfart

    I’ve always thought that UGA could mu$cle it$ way into big time lacrosse if it chose to. It would be pretty hilarious to see all the Mid-Atlantic blue blood folks squirm watching all that SEC Fuuutbawwl money just buy its way in to their sport.


    • Tony Barnfart

      I guess with Title IX stuff, we don’t have room for lacrosse….maybe.


    • My understanding is that our club teams especially the women are pretty darn good. I don’t think it would be a huge leap to start playing lax at Georgia given the number of high schools and club teams popping up all over Atlanta.


  6. The Dawg abides

    This reminds me of something I thought about the other week when Zion blew out his Nikes. Back when USCjr switched to Under Armour, Steven García tweeted out what a piece of crap the cleats were. He was lit up by Spurrier and the AD, and came back with a tweet stating something to the effect of “ these are the greatest shoes ever made”. I guess when the shoe money is going to the coach and school, it’s perfectly ok for the student athlete to shill for them on social media.