One or two?

Pete Fiutak takes a stab at predicting where Vegas winds up with its projected regular season win totals for the 2019 season and comes with 10.5 for Georgia.  That’s on the same level as Clemson and Oklahoma and just a step behind Alabama.

Here’s the schedule again.  How many Georgia losses do you see on it?



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26 responses to “One or two?

  1. 1 either at Auburn or vs. Texas A&M


    • Russ

      Yeah, ND, at Auburn followed up with the Aggies are our 3 toughest tests. Florida would be next but Kirby is on that mutha.

      One loss almost for sure, two losses maybe. Don’t see more than 2 losses without a key injury happening. I can also see us winning all our games but we’ll have to get our minds right. Defense should be stout, offense should be very good assuming the running game pans out with Zeus and Swift, plus Herrien and Cook (and McIntosh).

      Game day coaching is a question mark to me given the changes we had on both sides of the ball.


  2. Derek


    This prediction includes the postseason.

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    And Kreampuff Klemson waltzes through again.


  4. dawgtired

    Just looking at each head to head game, it’s hard to really pick a loss…but that stretch from UF to A&M looks like a opportunity for a tired team to slip.
    We’ve recruited better than those we’ll play in the regular season, so we should have the tools to win.


    • That was my conclusion last season, for the same reason, so I picked 11-1. But when you look at 3-4 teams that have a 25-40% chance of beating you on any given day, not to mention the probability of some key player(s) not being 100% when you play them, you have to conclude 11-1, or 10-2 are the most likely cases. I say Vegas is about right on this one.


  5. Jim

    The depth of that analysis (or lack thereof) can be found in the Notre Dame list of key games. Athens is notably not mentioned


  6. Greg

    Only losers think they are gonna lose before they even play the game….15 & 0 FWIS!


  7. Mayor

    Basically it’s the same schedule as last year (of course the venues are flipped) except for swapping ATM for LSU plus adding ND as an OOC game which definitely makes the schedule harder. I don’t see how anyone could say this schedule is easy. It’s not.


  8. dawg88

    ZERO losses


  9. Kevin

    UF doen’t even make the “3 key games” list. My oh my!


  10. TNDAWG

    Worst case 2, best 0


  11. FlyingPeakDawg

    2 but none in the East so we’re in the SECCG.


  12. TMC DAWG

    It’s time we started to beat the teams from the west. 0 loses


  13. Hobnail_Boot

    Healthy Fromm? 15-0.

    Buuuuuut any season that inclues a trip to Kneeland Memorial must include an asterisk.


  14. cali_dawg

    Why are so many predicting an Auburn loss? Won’t they be significantly worse?

    I’m more worried about ND and Florida under Mullen’s year 2 “bump.” A&M won’t be a cakewalk either. I feel Jimbo will have his boys ready, especially considering how pissed he was when Kirby recruited his QB.


  15. stoopnagle

    I think we’re undefeated coming out of Jacksonville. If we’re going to lose, it’ll be either Missouri (because they’ll be primed after an off week and we will be in danger of a let down after Jax) or at Auburn (going with history of Kirby not being able to get the team to show up on the road vs the west). All of that, knowing my luck it’ll be the damn Aggies and I’ll have to hear it from that half of my friends back home in Texas, too. GDit.

    I can tell you which game it won’t be. It won’t be Tech.


  16. As the season progresses, injuries probably become a little difficult to deal with….games are played on the field, NO date on that schedule really jumps up and says”UGA is out manned and an underdog”…a couple back to back games will be interesting…gotta keep “choppin”, week in week out. I’m good to go with this team and this schedule! GO DAWGS!


  17. HamDawg11

    Still waiting for the Dawgs to prove they won’t have an annual face-plant game. Outside of ’17, it seems they find a way to not show up at least once a year. I’ll say we lose 1.


  18. 209

    Losses I see?
    (this is the year)