In defense of Jim Delany

This appears to be the best anyone has to offer.

“People will talk about Rutgers’ competitive performance,” Smith told me. “However, when you think about our presence on the East Coast, it’s significant. Whether Ohio State goes to play at Rutgers or Michigan plays at Rutgers, the revenue generated significantly impacts our young people. I hope that people will pause and just think about the great things that [Delany’s] done to help our young people and institutions.”

He added: “Here’s one thing that people seem to forget about our move with Rutgers and Maryland. At the time, the ACC was looking to expand. Part of our move was to protect Penn State. Everyone forgets we had a teammate and partner institution that was on a [geographic] island, so what we did, beyond gaining exposure, is we further brought in a valued partner in Penn State. Had Penn State defected to the ACC, what would the conversation have been then?”

Let me see if I’ve got this straight.  The Big Ten was worried about losing a team to the same conference that lost Maryland to the Big Ten over financial concerns.  Does that bullshit actually fly with anybody?

Smith does get bonus points for wedging some sweet doing-it-for-the-kids phony justification in there.

With regard to that whole “What profiteth a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?” premise to the linked piece, the author makes the mistake of ascribing a soul to a college athletic conference.  Those people would happily gain the whole world with no regrets over whatever path led them to Rutgers.  That’s what cutting edge college football management is all about these days.

Enjoy your retirement, Jim.  You’ve earned it.


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6 responses to “In defense of Jim Delany

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Rutgers and Maryland? I remember thing “RUTGERS and MARYLAND, how mediocre can you get?” They have about as much appeal as a stale granola bar.


  2. 81Dog

    Shorter Gene Smith: “We’d have taken North Dakota if the payoff was this big. Spare me the outrage, look at the size of our bank account. ” Greg Mcgarity is nodding in approval and envy this morning.


  3. gastr1

    Rutgers, Maryland, Kansas, Connnecticut, and the New Mexicos ought to form their own conference. The Should-Be Conference, where they ought to be able to do something but can’t do anything. They could invite Sakerlina, and it would be a thing. Oh, and Tech. Definitely Tech.


  4. Doug

    I thought (and still think) that the SEC’s expansion to 14 teams was a dumb move, but at least we got two reasonably respectable programs out of it. Jim Delany is basically Larry Scott if Larry Scott couldn’t figure out how to work a computer.


  5. Thomas More asks: “But for Rutgers, Richard?”