“Um, this is going to be awkward.”

You may think this is a recruiting post about Carson Beck, but it’s not.

… why did he name Florida his leader?

That was also very interesting.

“So I had obviously named Florida my leader and I kind of just put that out there to say like ‘Hey this is the team that is coming at me the hardest. This is the team where I feel like I could see myself at’ but also I had two schools kind of like in the back of my head – one of those being Georgia – where if I got that offer I would pause for a second and say ‘OK, hold on. I got to kind of take this in.’”

“So I visited up there and it was absolutely awesome and everything that I expected.”

He said that Georgia just seemed like the program that was going to surround him with top-tier personnel all across the offense. In his estimation, he said he saw that at running back, across the offensive line and at receiver.

Unlike Florida, that is.

By the way, Carson, that wasn’t awkward at all.  For you, I mean.  For Dan Mullen, that’s another story.


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9 responses to ““Um, this is going to be awkward.”

  1. lakedawg

    There is nothing finer in the land than a broke back gayturd coach or fan whining about recruiting, game, or anything.


  2. J-Dawg

    This is an absolute statement for how dysfunctional Mullen and his program are. With Franks being the QB at present he had to realize that he had a perfect shot to kick Franks to the curb in his first year or wait one year and the team is his. That he chose UGA is testament that the program is strong and there were no reservations about where we are going. Also, the timing is good because after one year all he had to worry about is Mathis. He saw all the talent we had and the gayturds didn’t. For all the BS Mullen spouts about how the program is rising and getting back to prominence, these kids are smart enough to see what’s really going on. Bottom line: he chose a diamond over a cubit zirconia.

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  3. Russ

    This guy is already a DGD and he hasn’t even signed.


  4. St. Johns Dawg

    I’ll say it again … Mullen gets all kinds of love for his HEAD COACHING ability. But he did not tear it up at Mississippi State. Real talent overcomes the challenges of a program. Now that he’s at a proven winner, he’s showing his true ability. We’re going to own Jacksonville for a while and it’s a great feeling to be on the other side.

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  5. Just sayin’….when UGA makes an offer, we offer you the whole team to join..not just parts!

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  6. Got Cowdog

    I can see (Based on the “Big” post from a week or so ago and Big Ben showing off today) why a prospective QB might get a warm and tingly feeling being in the same room with the O-Line.
    Nothing a QB likes better than a clean uniform.


  7. AceDawg

    Rumor has it Dan Mullen was getting a lower back tattoo the moment he heard about Beck’s plans.


  8. He never said he was playing FU, he just said he named them a leader (never committed), but still had two schools in mind that he wanted an offer for. (he had already de-committed from Bama from what I read.) His interview is being misinterpreted, imo.

    He had been to UGA a few times and liked what he saw, and their system, coaches, and personnel. The other school was Stanford according to his coach. When the UGA offer came in, and he visited over the weekend, he made a decision. Sounds like a great kid, and the reports on him as a thrower are encouraging. Great timing, and class separation, as well. Beck is already recruiting other top HS players to join him in Athens.