Eh, what’s in a name?

Chip Towers does a pretty good job explaining the Eddie Gran offer.

Yes, of course Kirby Smart offered Gran a coordinator’s position to join his staff. To expect anything different would be ludicrous. At Kentucky, Gran carries the titles of assistant head coach and offensive coordinator, not to mention a contract that calls for an $850,000 salary that’s due to rise to $875,000 this year and to $900,000 in 2020.

At the time Smart spoke to Gran, Jim Chaney had just left for a $550,000 raise at Tennessee. That left the Bulldogs with an opening for a tight ends coach and/or a coordinator or co-coordinator. James Coley, already on staff as co-coordinator and quarterbacks coach, wasn’t going anywhere. Of that, Smart was making sure. So co-coordinator would have been the most UGA could offer Gran.

And, to be clear, Smart needed to offer Gran a title. To believe the narrative that Gran was offered by Georgia only as a position coach would mean you buy two things: (1) That the Bulldogs were willing to pay Gran at least $875,000 to coach tight ends; (2) that Gran would be willing to leave Kentucky for a demotion.

Neither makes sense.

No, the only way Gran would have come to Georgia would be for a raise and at least a lateral move position-wise. Asking him to share the coordinator’s title with Coley is not much of a stretch. In fact, Coley and Gran have worked together in such a capacity before. They were co-coordinators from 2010-12 at Florida State, where Gran also had the title of associate head coach/running backs and Coley coached tight ends.

… So when Gran proclaims to the UK crowd that he was offered the offensive coordinator’s position at Georgia, he’s not lying. But he would’ve had to share that title with Coley, which he understandably wasn’t willing to do.

That’s a coherent explanation to my ears, although it begs the question of why Gran feels the need now to assert the existence of an offer he wouldn’t accept.

Nobody should fault Smart for trying to bring on Gran, or Gran for listening for what he has to offer. At the end of the day, does it really matter?

Georgia will still be Georgia, winners of nine in a row over the Wildcats, and Kentucky will remain Kentucky.

Well, okay.



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  1. mwo

    Yeah, I was offered the oc job at UGA, yeah, that’s the ticket. I was gonna go there and take Morgan Fairchild with me, yeah, she’s my wife, but don’t tell her.

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  2. dawg88

    Nope, sorry. Chip is cranky but not convincing. Gran is still completely full of [expletive deleted].


  3. Gaskilldawg

    Maybe Smart made a recruiting type offer, “Eddie, we want you but it isn’t a committable offer now. We want to see who else is interested.”


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Gran would’ve made a good offensive analyst, or Granalyst if you prefer.


  5. Greg

    good article, read it yesterday…it all sounds plausible and probably true.

    “That’s a coherent explanation to my ears, although it begs the question of why Gran feels the need now to assert the existence of an offer he wouldn’t accept.”

    probably “jockeying” for more money, positioning himself…can’t blame him.

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  6. Bright Idea

    Chip and DawgNation enjoy rehashing old, worn out storylines but I assume Kirby was interested in Gran for his recruiting chops more than his offensive expertise. As a famous politician once said, what difference does it make now. Gran’s already dead to us.


  7. Biggus Rickus

    I didn’t realize the streak over Kentucky had hit 9 games. Without going back further than the beginning of Dooley’s career, Georgia’s never run off more than 10. They did 9 one other time, ’97 to ’05.


  8. Greg

    they had a great season for Kentucky….but as great as that one was, Fran Curci had an even better one, went 10-1….then he got fired, for cheatin’

    But I guess there were a lot back then that cheated, including Johnny Majors, Jackie Sherill and a few others. Some did not get caught, but I guess it is NOT cheating if you don’t get caught.


    • Biggus Rickus

      There’s probably an interesting book to be written about the late ’70s and early ’80s NCAA rules violations, investigations and punishments. Did the NCAA decide to go all out on enforcement in that era after largely ignoring the issue, or were there just a lot more boosters funneling money to players in that era?


      • Greg

        Probably the latter, would think there were a lot of palms “greased” back them. No telling what “The Bear” got away with back then.



    He peaked with “Electric Avenue”


  10. Has Chip Adams ever been as spot on in a piece as he is with this column? Of course, I feel most had figured it was something very close to this anyway…except for desperate Wildcat fans of course. I guess you have to celebrate anything football related you can get in Lexington. Be perfectly willing to trade this self declared “online victory” for another decade of goose eggs from their football teams.