“We had some pretty physical players…”

The only two receivers who are locks for playing time right now?  Holloman and Simmons.  And it ain’t because they’re upperclassmen.

Smart is confident in senior Tyler Simmons and junior J.J. Holloman. Both are returning regulars from last season’s rotation.

Holloman is the leading returning receiver with 24 catches for 418 yards in 2018. Simmons is next on the list for wideouts with 9 catches for 138 yards.

There are more questions than answers after that.

“I know I’m excited to see what Matt (Landers) and Tommy (Bush) do,” Smart said referencing the 6-5, 200 Landers and 6-5, 195 Bush.

“Bigger is not always more physical,” Smart said, but, “J.J. is a very physical blocker, and so is Tyler, they proved that last year.”

If you want to play wide receiver at Georgia, you’d best be prepared to impress Coach Impose Your Will.



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10 responses to ““We had some pretty physical players…”

  1. mg4life0331

    I just Fromm to turn us into Back Shoulder U this year. We got some big guys. Lets do that.

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  2. McTyre

    Sounds right to me. PT is borne of meritocracy. WRs who can’t effectively block are unlikely to get off the jam and break tackles versus SEC defenses. WRs who can block versus WRs who can make big plays is a false choice for a program that no longer has to settle for one of the two.


  3. Jack Burton

    Always reminds me of just how damn physical and punishing a blocker Hines Ward was from the WR position. Smart needs to show these boys Hines block(s) and Edwards last TD run down the left sideline against the Gators in 97 every single day.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    And Tyler Simmons has the added skill of knowing how to stay on side when blocking a punt. GRRRRR.

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    • macallanlover

      Forgit Hell (ain’t no excuse, simply a fact.)

      It cost us three/seven for sure, but we should have still overcome it by not handcuffing the offense in the last 20 minutes. Sucks, and it always will.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I think I will refer to Kirby as Coach Be Your Best Player.


  6. Mayor

    Let me be the first to say it: the primary job of a receiver is to catch th ball. Blocking is great, particularly when you have a run first team. But when it’s 4th and 15 in the last minute of the game and you are down by 1point and a first down gets you into FG range to win the game blocking doesn’t mean squat. Just saying.


    • 69Dawg

      I agree with you to the extent that blocking is not the first requirement. Heck if you want a blockers just run with two or three TEs. Catching the damn ball is the job 1 of the WRs, like running the ball is job 1 of the RBs. I know that Herschel could block but even if he couldn’t it would have been malpractice not to play him. If you have WRs with equal pass catching skills then skill number two is route running, if they can’t get open it does not matter if they can catch. If they are equal at both 1 and 2 then blocking decides who’s first string.


    • Yes. This insane emphasis on blocking and not running affective passing trees has negatively impacted our receiving game. Ridley is the most impressive wide receiver athlete I have seen at Georgia and we used him as a blocker because he was good at it. wide receivers that are better at blocking than catching are called Georgia Tech.


  7. NT1

    Me thinks….or not