Preseason happy talk is for coaches, too.

If the number one category of blowing smoke over new coaches is in strength and conditioning (newer!  better!  harder!), right behind come coordinator changes.  Behold the magic in Knoxville:

“He figures out who his best players are and finds ways to get them the ball,” Pruitt said. “I think he’s a very good evaluator, and coaching against him, he’s very hard to defend.”

Of course he is, bless his heart.

When the day comes, Chaney’s eulogy ought to be nothing but what his head coaches had to say about him during the first spring after he was hired.


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  1. Bright Idea

    Was Chaney so high on Kirby’s and Pruitt’s list because they believed he’d be a scoring freak or a consumer of the clock? It too often looked like UGA just wanted to keep the clock ticking under Chaney, especially in the red zone.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Georgia ranked 18th and 35th in red zone touchdown percentage his last two years. Sure, they weren’t exactly crisp last year in the red zone at times, but it’s not like some kind of consistent failing.

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      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        Agree completely. It is easy to point to a failure to score from inside the 5 against Florida, but we scored a bunch most of the time. Plus, After watching a bunch of replays in this lull I can say we had a lethal 2 minute drill in most games and Chaney was calling those plays, too. The drive against OK in the Rose Bowl at the end of the first half, and the drive to start the second got us back in the game. I hope I don’t miss Chaney.


      • macallanlover

        While that sounds relatively acceptable, you have to look at what he accomplished it with. UGA didn’t have 18th or 35th level talent. The OL was one of the best in the country, maybe Top 5 or 10, we had two 1000 yard tailbacks, and we had a Top 5 QB on the field. I am not a “Chaney was the worst OC” guy, but he did lack imagination all up and down the field, imo. It seemed worse in the RZ because of those epic failures in JAX, but he was a middle of the road guy who was way too conservative given the talent the had. (And yes, some/much of that was on Kirby, but as the OC it is your job to have inspired confidence and done some selling to be given more rope.)

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        • Biggus Rickus

          Alabama’s was 30th, and they had an historically great offense. The top 20 last year was UCF, Miami (OH), Houston, Washington State, Navy, Clemson, UNLV, Oregon, UCONN, Liberty, Cincinnati, Air Force, Fresno State, Memphis, LA-Lafayette, Penn State, Army, Ohio, Georgia Southern and Appalachian State. Having top 18 or 35 talent doesn’t have much to do with it. Having a ridiculously good offense doesn’t have much to do with it. It’s almost a crap shoot from year to year. Your floor is higher based on talent, but the ceiling is likely determined by level of opposition, situational stuff and dumb luck as much as anything. Here was the 2017 top 20: Army, Vanderbilt, Ohio, Oregon, Penn State, Florida Atlantic, LA-Lafeyette, Notre Dame, Arizona State, Air Force, Arkansas, Tulsa, Florida International, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Arizona, Memphis, Georgia, Oklahoma and UAB.

          There’s not a lot of overlap from year to year, and the most predictive thing I can take away from this is that having a running QB/option attack helps.


    • Anonymous

      Chaney was so high on their lists because he is a quality OC with decades of experience coordinating an offense. He runs a pro-style system that is set up to exploit personnel weaknesses more so that being a “system”. His vast experience allows him to take on more responsibility with regard to the offense than a younger less experienced coordinator. This is especially helpful for a defensively minded first time HC. Kirby struggled his first year. Having Chaney helped win a couple of those close games we easily could have lost (e.g. Missouri). I really think that Tennessee would have gone to a bowl game has Chaney been their OC instead of Tyson Helton. That was Helton’s first year as an actual OC. He was the OC at WKU, but Brohm called plays.

      That said, he shouldn’t be the highest paid OC in the country though. They are paying #1 money for a Top 25 guy. Losing Chaney won’t be that bad for us. Kirby needed him when he was green, but he is rolling as a HC now. The question is how will Coley work out for us?


  2. hodgie

    Chaney is a very formidable coach. I do not understand the thoughts of people who tend to undervalue his importance for Georgia.


  3. Dave

    I long for the day a head coach says of his newly hired OC, “We brought Tug (the new OC’s name is ‘Tug’ in this scenario) in because we wanted a bland, predictable offense that would fool absolutely nobody, and I think you’ll see that when we tee it up on B-Day.”


  4. He’s a good O.C. – that’s it. Not a great O.C. Not a maven by any means. He’s a good O.C. And wasn’t worth spending the money that UTjr. has decided to spend.

    Really is that simple.


  5. mwo

    What are the odds he calls the game of his life against the Dawgs next year? No doubt UGA will get his best shot.

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    He went to UT for the money, I can’t say I blame him…they offered him a 3 year plan to retire.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Two notable things about Chaney: His 2016 debut season for us was nothing to write home about. And at his two previous gigs, Arky and Pitt, the offenses improved the season after he left.

    I think that anyone expecting utk’s offense to make a leap forward is gonna be disappointed. Chaney will have far less talent and depth than he had at UGA. He’s gonna need to work a lot harder and smarter to put points on the board.

    At the end of the day, I think utk did Kirby a favor by poaching Chaney. With the offense we run, and with coach-on-the-field Fromm, I think we’ll do just as well or better.


    • Aubrey E Walker

      The offense will be the same as last year. The OC only runs what Kirby wants. If he would leave the offense to the coaches of the offense Ga. would improve by leaps and bounds. Kirby is a descent Defensive coach he is a liability as an offense coach. Host one old mans opinion.


  8. ” he’s very hard to defend.”…..pruitts response as to why/why not did they run the ball 3 straight times from the two/three yard line…..


  9. Bulldog Joe

    It’s season ticket contribution time in Tennessee.

    “Hope spends.”