Still big

From the AJ-C:

Screenshot_2019-03-11 WATCH 4 Georgia spring football O-line questions; How back is Big Ben Cleveland

Man, how tough must it be for Webb to be the runt of the litter at 6-3, 295?


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  1. 81Dog

    Runt of the litter? As folks down here say about Little League aged Frank Thomas, “Even when he was little, he was big.” Someone, please, sign Pittman to a lifetime deal.

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  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Does it make sense to include true freshmen on a list of returnees? But this is the ajc and neither logic nor common sense comes into play. Why not just list ALL the offensive linemen by adding Ericson and newbee Truss – who might be biggest of all.


  3. macallanlover

    More than size involved here, we had that title one year and flopped. These guys are big and athletic, what I have longed for in Athens for many, many years. Would love for UGA to be at the beginning stages of what we have seen at Wisky and Nebraska in prior years. Pittman has gotten it started, need to capitalize and keep it going. What RB and QB doesn’t want to migrate to UGA with the level of talent we have stockpiled? Can’t get them all but we will be considered and get a shot at them.


  4. Chipperdawg

    List includes FIVE 5 stars, six 4 stars and Kindley ,the lone 3 star, who is a returning starter!
    (Met him in a convenience store on Ga Hwy 15 on the way to 93k Day–kid was HUGE even then, while still just a high school recruit.)
    I have ZERO worries about our O Line. I think last years injuries proved our depth on the O Line is second to none in the country, let alone the conference!
    Pittman should never pay for another drink in this state for the rest of his life! Yesssiiiirrrrr!!!!


  5. Mayor

    This line has to be the biggest O-line in the nation. These players are bigger than NFL O-lines.