“Yes, it’s not what we want, that’s for sure.”

Give the Oregon AD credit for saying the quiet part out loud here:

On how disappointed he is with the Pac-12 Conference revenue distribution:

“You have to flash back. Yes, it’s not what we want, that’s for sure. But we did make great progress in this deal. In the old Pac-12 TV deals we were basically on regional TV and our resources were way behind. When this new deal was done it closed the gap both in visibility and in resources, but the gap has widened again. We have to figure out how to close that gap. Resources do matter. We don’t have to have everything that everyone else has but we have to remain in a range that makes us competitive. And right now, we’re drifting out of range.”

At least he didn’t give us the usual “doing it for the kids” bullcrap.

I’m sure Larry Scott’s hard at work on the mutha.


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3 responses to ““Yes, it’s not what we want, that’s for sure.”

  1. macallanlover

    That conference is closer to being “Group of 5” than it is “Power 5”, no matter how you measure it. Man, have they fallen off the radar.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Want more national exposure? Play more day games.


  3. WNCDawg

    Ask Larry Scoot what his donation from his personal salary sets a example for all the schools in the PAC 10 to admister the facility race and general funds