Lessons from the master

Dan Mullen’s wisdom about recruiting notwithstanding, it appears that Kirby Smart learned his approach at the right school.

It was no surprise to see Alabama atop the 2019 recruiting class rankings, since Nick Saban has held the No. 1 class in six of his 12 seasons with the Crimson Tide. Saban has had a class ranked outside the top five only once and has been within the top three 11 times.

What was more interesting, and maybe more telling of why Saban has topped every program year in and year out, were the number of his former assistants turned head coaches who were also dominating the recruiting class rankings.

Saban and his former assistants manning their own programs held five of the top-11 ranked recruiting classes in 2019. Kirby Smart and Georgia were just behind Saban at No. 2 in the rankings, Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M were No. 3, Mario Cristobal and Oregon were sixth and Jeremy Pruitt and Tennessee held on to No. 11.

Of the prospects ranked in the ESPN 300, 72 signed with Saban or his former assistants at those five programs.

Eh, probably just a coincidence.  Justin Fields, something something something, Mullen said.



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21 responses to “Lessons from the master

  1. 81Dog

    Mullen is Spurrier Lite: All the snark, half the wins

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  2. stoopnagle

    Dan Mullen can hug a nut.

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  3. 3rdandGrantham

    We are totally and completely in Dan’s head. Last year he took a swipe at us with the while ‘even a blind squirrel finds a nut’ in relation to our secc; now he’s passive-aggressively taking swipes at our recruiting, ethics, and roster management.

    After a few more beat downs, he’ll be publicly crying that UGA is nothing more than a renegade program that should be broken up.


    • Question is, what do Dan know about ANY type of championships as a HC? He has an oh-fer for even divisional titles, after what,
      10-11 years? Yeah, he is quite the source.

      Seems like the blind squirrel line will fit him better should that mythical acorn lie in his path before he is shown the door.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Kirby loaded up on recruiters when he filled the two staff vacancies. Me thinks he’s making an extra push to be have perennial #1 class each year.


  5. Ray Avret

    Mullen wins with X’s and O’s
    CKS wins with extreme talent
    I am sure Mullen wishes he knew how to recruit like Kirby and Kirby would have 2 national titles if he won as much with less talent as Mullen has
    Just the truth of it …. At the end of the day coaches like Spurrier are hands down better game coaches than Saban however you take any 1 of Sabans national Championship teams and it would have twice the talent of Spurriers championship
    If any coach ever comes along that can do both they will be scary and it kind of looks like Clemson might have found it ….. I put Clemson in the same talent category as UGA (Top 5) but a step behind AL but that’s been enough that Swinney is starting to whoop Saban


    • ChiliDawg

      Kirby would have 2 national titles if he won as much with less talent as Mullen has

      WTF are you talking about? The Florida teams that won titles while Mullen was OC were some of the most talented teams to ever be on a field.

      those X’s and O’s didn’t save Mullen from getting his ass handed to him when he led the bullypups into Sanford Stadium a few years ago.

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    • That’s pretty funny. If he could sell recruits as well as he has tricked the FU fans so far into believing he does more with less. The faux bulldogs had some pretty good talent over the years but he was never able to coach them up well enough to even get a sniff of Atlanta. Empty suit, lot of talk, losing on, and off the field like he has always done.


      • Russ

        Well, they did a pretty good job of getting their ass beat by Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl. That is the highlight of Dan Mullen’s HC career so far.


      • ChiliDawg

        Let’s not forget something here – Dak Prescott is an NFL quarterback. Mullen wasn’t doing “more with less” when he had that man at signal caller, he was riding Dak’s coattails.


  6. NoAxe To Grind

    Dabo ain’t the dumb redneck that a lot of UGA fan’s think he is. Guess who Bama goes after when Saban retires or drops dead? Kirby will be #2 on their list.


  7. Credit due for coaching staffs that recruit at a high bar…CKS was with nicky for 9 straight years, the other mentioned hc’s multiple years with nicky..just sayin’ CKS did an internship/ojt/took notes and obviously paid attention to details that could “process” itself long term!


  8. BigD

    I somewhat liked Mullen at MS State. However, he’s turned into a straight dick at UF.


    • Austen Bannan

      And we wouldn’t have it any other way. I have no desire to see coaches on rival teams be friends.


  9. ChiliDawg

    I always feel like calling Jimbo a Saban disciple is intellectually dishonest. Fisher is a Bowden disciple if anything. He got his start with Tommy Bowden, followed him to Auburn, stayed at Auburn with Tommy Tuberville, spent a limited time with Nick Saban before he jumped to the NFL, then he worked with Les Miles and Bobby Bowden at FSU.

    But people act like Jimbo was one of Saban’s understudies. He really wasn’t. For that matter, calling Mario Cristobal a “Saban assistant” is doing some heavy lifting as well. Cristobal had been coaching for 15 years between Miami and Rutgers (5 years as HC at FIU) before ever working with Nick Saban.

    Just kind of annoys me how it seems that Saban gets credit for any coach who had a cup of coffee with him.

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  10. Austen Bannan

    Dan Mullen would have a butterfly lower back tattoo if he were a woman. He may have one anyhow.


  11. TMC DAWG

    Jackson ville. Georgia Baby!