Take the over?

Bruce Feldman’s ($$) liking what he’s seeing for Georgia’s chances this season.

Georgia over is 10.5. This is a loaded team led by a very experienced QB in Jake Fromm. The offensive line should be terrific, and the Dawgs have a terrific kicker. The schedule isn’t daunting, either. Aside from the home game against the Irish, the only team that I think will be close to the top 10 is Florida, and the Gators have to replace four starting offensive linemen. The Auburn game is on the road, but the Tigers are breaking in a new QB. I could see Georgia possibly stumbling once in the regular season, but not twice.

I can’t believe Bruce isn’t buying the Malzahn new quarterback magic (where’s that sarcasm emoji when you need it?), but the point about Florida’s o-line is a good one (not to mention there are question marks about the Gators’ d-line, too).

It’s really interesting to see the varied opinion about the quality of Georgia’s schedule this season.



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18 responses to “Take the over?

  1. Feldman must not be high at all on A&M. I read the article yesterday (The Athletic is outstanding for you who don’t subscribe) and couldn’t believe we were in the “over” category with someone in the national media.


  2. J-Dawg

    I also think A & M underestimated. I see them as a 10 win team this year and a tough game for us. If we lose a game in the regular season it will be either A & M or a brain fart in the east.


    • The other Doug

      10 wins? TAMU plays Bama, LSU, UGA, and Clemson.


      • Russ

        Yeah, Aggies won’t get 10 wins in the regular season, but they will be a tough out for sure. Hopefully they will be a little beaten up by the time we get them. We should be favored but I don’t think it will be easy.


  3. Just a reminder… Which was it? 17 returning starters (10 on offense) getting back 4 of the suspended players and Mullen’s first class or…

    Look what Mullen did with so little…

    Fact is, they had a veteran offensive line that just went ‘poof’ and have only recruited ‘ok’ for the O-Line – so far. And they lost some key pieces on defense.

    Most people expect UF to step up a notch. I actually expect them to step back a little. Still think they have the right coach and that UF will look very much like UGA did under Richt (winning about every 3rd or 4th game against UGA). But the programs have flipped and that isn’t changing so much.


    • Mayor

      Agree FU isn’t as talented as the Dawgs. But as long as we keep playing the Gators as an away game every year that gives them enough of an advantage to win at least some games against us.


      • Spoken like a true Spurrier era scarred Dawgs fan.

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        • Mayor

          Not scarred–I just don’t wear blinders.


          • Please, just once, cite one area where UGA is at an disadvantage in JAX. You make this (erroneous) statement almost weekly and everyone laughs. Just state which no-tell hotel you own in Athens that needs one more weekend every other year to fleece fans. It is the only logical reason for you to continually make up fairy tales too far from reality to sell even the young children. Stay after it Mayor, someone will buy in one day.


          • So you’re saying that UF’s advantage in JAX is better than playing in their HOME stadium 50% of the time? If so, what is your definition of ‘win at least some games?’


  4. Dave

    It is interesting to see the different takes. Personally, I think there is a whole lot of “good” on our schedule, and that’s why it’s tough. But, going strictly by preseason assessments, there’s really no individual games that look to be overly difficult.

    Week over week consistency is going to be key, more so than having to play your absolute best to win a couple of times out of the year.


  5. Jim

    Calling this year’s schedule weak is a lazy, ignorant narrative. Notre Dame (a playoff team), A&M (gave Clemson all they can handle), the East overall is trending up plus the usual rivalry game with auburn. Anyone who calls that schedule easy is kidding themselves. Yeah we will probably be favored in every game, but that says more about where we are as opposed to some verdict on our schedule. We’d be favored against any team in the country except Alabama and Clemson if the game were at a neutral site or in Athens. On the road we’d probably be a ‘dog vs. Oklahoma. Can’t think of any others

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. And 5 opponents have bye weeks before we play them. I think that makes the schedule considerably tougher. Even with our returnees and depth, we can’t afford multiple let downs or major injuries.


  6. Tony Barnfart

    A&M will be very tough. They will be an absolute monster in 2 years though.


  7. Mayor

    Bruce is FOS if he doesn’t think the2019 Georgia schedule is difficult.


  8. DavetheDawg

    I bet if we get 7 chances from Florida’s 1-yard-line in the Cocktail Party this season, we’re scoring that touchdown.

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  9. Austen Bannan

    I venture to guess that UGA actually has a harder schedule than most teams in the nation, but they have the talent and experience to kick good teams to the curb anyhow, especially at home. Should be an awesome season if the Dawgs are locked in and ready to not repeat the LSU and Texas games in terms of mental preparedness and “giving-a-damn-ness”


  10. Tlkdawg

    After so many seasons of wandering in the wilderness of mediocrity, it is still hard to wrap my head around the concept of ”barring a brain fart, there’s no one on our schedule that should be able to beat us”. To have reached this point in 3 years is as much as I have ever hoped and I’m thrilled to be here. For years, every Saturday morning was always filled with wondering which team would show up. The team that could beat anyone, the one that could lose at home to Vandy, or anything in between. The last two seasons have been as enjoyable as any since the early 80’s. I say 12-1 counting the SEC Championship victory.


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