“This is the Florida Man of college football schedules…”

No question about it — the Gators’ have one weird-ass schedule this year.

Oh, and kudos for the gratuitous Georgia Southern upset.  Never forget!


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  1. UGA '97

    They go outside home stadium 5 times vs SEC opponents, but 8 games in home state, two cupcakes and 3 buys makes up for that. I see 9-3 reg season


    • Mayor

      That 5th game away from their home stadium is the JAX game–outside the FU stadium but not by much. Jeremy Foley and SOS plotted going back years to have FU play as many games inside the State of Florida as possible and having bye weeks ahead of tough games (read: UGA) understanding that gave the Gators an edge, and it worked. This season is a bit unusual because they get 2 FCS teams and two “neutral site” games (both in the State of Florida). The Gators have IMHO a very average team but will likely win 9 regular season games (maybe more) because of the schedule. This is how they save their powder for the big games–cupcakes and playing away games in state.


  2. I see a potential 4 game losing streak starting in October… and losing 4 offensive linemen, not unthinkable that they might drop the season opener to the U.

    The season for them hinges on the Auburn and USCe games. They should handle the rest of the east just fine. If they come into the cocktail party 2-1 from October, I expect a dogfight. If they come in 1-2 or 0-3 they will roll over and it will be another blowout.


  3. The Dawg abides

    Wasn’t Alex Kirshner the kid eaten in Jaws?

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  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    +1 for Florida Man



    TWO FCS teams, way to step it up Gators…


  6. stoopnagle

    Stop. We’re supposed to feed the Gator Hype (TM) not tamp it down.


  7. UGA'13

    Some interesting OC from Reddit:

    5(?) teams with bye-weeks before playing us, 4 regular season games against preseason S&P+ top 15 teams (7 in the top 25), an SEC matchup to open the season, and now this. Looks like Georgia has a weird schedule this year too.