Today, in where are they now

This Kipp Adams piece on what’s happened with every recruit who decommitted from Georgia since Smart’s hire is a fascinating read.  With just a few exceptions, like Plumlee and Emory, almost every kid who left was replaced by someone either higher ranked or more specifically suited for the program’s needs.  It’s a running testament to roster management.

It’s also a reminder that recruiting is about relationships.

Four-star wide receiver Devonta Smith (Amite, La./Amite) committed on Aug. 10, 2015, when Georgia hired Sam Petitto, a former high school coach in Louisiana. When Smart hired new support staff and Alabama hired Petitto on January 14, Smith de-committed from Georgia the same day. Smith played in every game as a freshman for Alabama in 2017, making eight catches for 160 yards and three touchdowns, including the game-winning pass in the national championship against Georgia in overtime. In 2018, Smith made 42 catches for 693 yards and six touchdowns. Georgia would will his spot with Trey Blount.

Yeah, that one wound up stinging a little.



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9 responses to “Today, in where are they now

  1. Bright Idea

    Who knew that not signing Smith cost us a NC?


    • David H.

      Ehh, I’m pretty sure other Alabama wide receivers could have run that route and caught that ball if they didn’t have Devonta Smith on their team.

      Still, obviously Smith would have been a good player to have on our side.


    • Bulldog Joe

      That one was more about not signing a cornerback and a safety.


      • No, it was about not having replaced a CB that had been beaten on every attempt Bama made that night. Have no idea how he wasn’t replaced, must have been injured, I have never seen a guy get beaten that badly and left in the game, there was no question who the Tide was going after. The fault was in not taking a TO and assessing the situation of 2nd and 26….and making damn sure Sanders was providing support on that side regardless of the formation and routes. Unusual situation and, very glaring vulnerability. It didn’t take a great throw, and it didn’t require a good receiver. Almost every average HS combo could have made that play.

        Yeah, Simmons was onside, but we could have still won with that uphill climb facing them. Hell, at least ice the the freshman QB and make him think about what he faced. Not us, snap it quickly and react to the free gift.


  2. Rocketdawg

    The only two on that list I wish we could have held onto were Smith and DeeJay Dallas. Other than that we replaced the decommits with better players across the board.


  3. Ben

    Geez, man, put a trigger warning on these things.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    Though technically a walk-on, didn’t we just replace Stetson Bennett IV…

    …with Stetson Bennett IV?