About that SEC West narrative

Here’s a chart Ian Boyd compiled.

Talk about sucking all the oxygen out of the room.  It’s not just that ‘Bama has dominated recruiting in the SEC West.  Most of the programs out there haven’t even managed to perform at a level commensurate with what they’ve pulled in.  I can give something of a pass to Ole Miss because of circumstances, but Auburn and Texas A&M clearly haven’t been pulling their relative weight.

Again, Saban deserves some of the credit for the way the numbers are skewed, but you’d think with the West generally being considered to be the SEC’s superior division, some of those records would look a little healthier from feasting on cross-divisional games.



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15 responses to “About that SEC West narrative

  1. I think they beat each other up in the West, but Auburn has taken it on the chin from both Bama and UGA in the Saban era (therefore, the Cow College gets its way with the SEC office). Also, I think the coaching in the West (other than Saban) has been overrated. We’ll see if the Enabler in College Station can change that.


    • Saw something about a week ago which showed Jimbo’s record sans Jamis Winston, it was surprisingly pedestrian (especially given the conference he was competing in). I think he was something like 22-1 when crablegs was under center those two years, different story otherwise. Never thought he was a top notch game day coach.


  2. Gaskilldawg

    Gus’s 5 year SEC record equals Mississippi State’s 5 year record. Auburn is the South Carolina of the Western Division.


    • I don’t know about that. They played for a national title 6 years ago and were ranked #2 before we beat them in the rematch. They actually do have a trophy case with something in it.


  3. Mayor

    The other thing notable is Missy State. Better SEC record than most in the West, tied with Auburn for third place, yet second from the bottom in recruiting. Yikes!


    • Cojones

      Yeah, Mayor, and the suggestion here is of better coaching by Mullen and not bad coaching at Auburn, TA&M and Ole Miss. It’s also why FU gets ranked higher than it appears worthy. Mullen’s notable offenses should be respected when laying the moola on the UGA-FU spread.


  4. J-Dawg

    The west is a three horse division with Bama, A&M and LSU. I do think LSU is going to take a backseat to A&M as time goes on & Jimbo gets his recruits. Bama’s offense may take a step back with Sark as the OC.(we can only hope) In three years I see relative parity between the East & West as the gayturds and rocky flop build back up.


  5. siskey

    If you were an Arkansas fan what is your realistic hope for the next 5 years?


    • Tony Barnfart

      An invitation to the Big 12 ?

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      • Mayor

        Not as crazy as it sounds. Arky needs to exit the SEC and join another P5 conference or risk becoming the Vandy of the SEC West, destroying all football accomplishments of its storied past in the process.

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        • Tony Barnfart

          I’ve heard rumors that a couple Big12 teams regret moving, not sure if it was disclosed who, but the innuendo seemed to be Nebraska and Missouri had regret. Arkansas, Missouri’s new border rival, could certainly make that easy for them and join as a pair…….putting the Big 12 back at the proper number. Then we just add Texas and North Carolina to get back to 14.


    • Secking

      Lots of BBQ

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  6. Secking

    I would like to see a comparable East chart. The East beat the West in convincing fashion this past year.


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