“… and what a thrill it will be to see a legendary, award-winning singer like Ludacris performing live…”

The condom-related snark from this story writes itself.

Atta boy, Greg.



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24 responses to ““… and what a thrill it will be to see a legendary, award-winning singer like Ludacris performing live…”

  1. CB

    ADGM needs to mulligan and bring some more acts in. I had fun at the Ludacris concert.


  2. The Truth

    Nothing makes me feel like a “get off my lawn” crotchety old man like this horseshit.

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  3. TN Dawg

    Packing the spring game and bringing in big musical acts is critical to crootin’.

    I memba from a few years back how crucial it was.

    We are falling behind Texas!


  4. 81Dog

    Never mind that. Did you see at the end, where it notes MC HAMMER IS PLAYING AT FSU’S SPRING GAME???? Apparently, 90s nostalgia is huge in Tallahassee, which I totally get, since that’s the last time they were really worth a damn. Maybe they need to go full Nike Zoom on their unis, and they can start by going with the Hammer Pants. Sweet.

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  5. FlyingPeakDawg

    That’s just ludacris.

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  6. Mayor

    At least he uses condoms.

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  7. Got Cowdog

    Just to be sure I wasn’t missing out on something great I pulled up Ol’ Ludacris on Apple Music and gave a listen. Turns out I was not. I’m thinking Tom Herman may not be telling the truth about his fandom or he’s the most hep middle aged rich white dude on the planet.

    I’ll listen to Clapton’s version of “Sweet Home Chicago” on the way home to get the funk out of my ears.


  8. Trbodawg

    I’ll bet McG could get R.Kelly on the cheap


  9. Bright Idea

    Will he again be paid to sing a word repeatedly that a college baseball player got booted for saying off the cuff?

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  10. Bulldog Joe

    The fact is Ludacris saved McG’s ass that week.


  11. illinidawg

    My Champaign Homeboy!


  12. Ben

    Migos incoming to Athens.


  13. Hobnail_Boot

    I’ve got raincoats
    In different area codes


  14. AdaWg

    Who gives a crap about condoms. It’s a standard concert rider. Get over it.


    • Ole Dawg

      Are the condoms the 2019 version of brown m & m’s? If the condoms are the wrong size then the promoter failed to read the concert riders.


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