The forever war

I know Tommy Perkins is tired of me quoting him, but I’ll never get enough of this analogy:

Miami: From a Bulldog perspective, if you looked at the state of Florida as though it were Afghanistan (and I do), the Gators, obviously, are the Taliban, while Miami is whatever warlord is running things in the Northeast. The Hurricanes don’t occupy anything remotely resembling moral high ground, but they are useful.


The quote came to mind again after reading Bud Elliott’s look at in state recruiting by Florida’s big three.  The good news there is that there’s a reason times haven’t been as good as usual in the Sunshine State.

There were 42 in-state four- and five-stars from Florida. Only 20 stayed in the state. That is not a good sign for the in-state schools.

The bad news is that it appears the Gators are starting to get a little traction ahead of their two in state rivals.

It is, however, somewhat understandable. Florida needed time to build relationships with targets and should be set up to have an even stronger 2020 class. FSU had a losing record for the first time in almost four decades and if it can make it back to a bowl in 2019, should be better on the trail. And Miami had its coach retire after a tumultuous season. Manny Diaz should be better in his first full class.

‘Bama and Clemson (natch) have done their respective parts in harvesting some of the recruiting wreckage and Georgia helped itself to three four-star kids, but overall, there are some warlords who need to step up their recruiting games and soon.


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12 responses to “The forever war

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Back in the late 80’s, a Gator friend was predicting Galen Hall’s termination because FSU out-recruited Florida. “They might beat us but they never out-recruit us.” Untrue recently, but Gators still think themself top dog in the state.


  2. Throw in UCF as a fly in the ointment on those 3 stars with potential. It’s tough sledding for Mullen, who isn’t a good closer to start with.

    Georgia and Clemson have both made hay in south Florida. If Diaz can get things going for Miami, South Florida may be tough for Florida. With the recent success in Jacksonville, Ga., we are starting to reassert our presence in the northeast. Bama has made FSU’s life miserable in the Panhandle. Florida has to dominate the I-4 corridor if they are going to close the gap.


  3. J-Dawg

    One thing that hurts FU and always will is the campus. I’ve seen it and there’s nothing attractive about it. Laid out in a square or rectangle with not a lot of space for 40,000 students. A few nice buildings, but that’s it. The stadium is “just there”. It’s small and just doesn’t stick out at you. If I’m a prospective student I’m looking elsewhere. Just my opinion. The best attribute is the Shands Medical Center. Here’s the main factor: Gainesville will “never” be an Athens.

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    • Biggen

      It’s closer to 56,000 students. They are packed in like sardines. Truly an ugly campus on I-75.


    • Normaltown Mike

      on the other side of the ledger, FSU is a party school with ahem a checkered academic & discipline reputation and has the added bonus of FAMU in the same town which adds a large number of attractive women to the scene.

      The problem, at present, is that Willie Taggart might well be a disastrous hire. It’s early, but FSU fans seem pretty pessimistic

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    • PTC DAWG

      I have never set foot on the UF Campus…another Bulldog Point of Pride of Mine.


    • whb209

      J-Dawg, that is the loudest stadium I have ever played in. Probably 20,000
      people and because the stadium is made of concrete and goes strait up the sound was unbelievable. That same year we played Auburn in Athens and the stadium was full (maybe 34,000 which was full at that time) and the sound level was not near as high.
      Also, when I die spread my ashes on Stanford Stadium..


  4. CEPH

    The biggest draw for FSU is FAMU. That’s where all their black players go


  5. Got Cowdog

    Don’t forget “Bono’s”. Fraudulently advertising BBQ for at least 20 years.


  6. GruvenDawg

    I hope all three of them struggle on the recruiting trail and we continue to cherry pick out of the state. Unfortunately I think FSU is going to be a train wreck and I assume it is going to take Miami some time to get it’s act together. That means UF should be the beneficiary of the other two schools struggling. It would be nice if one of the two ACC schools could become a foil to Clemson’s dominance in the ACC but based in the on field results that is going to be a couple of years.

    Hopefully during this power vacuum in the state of Florida Kirby and staff continue to do work down there. I like it it when he steals Mullen’s top targets. I don’t want Mullen to get enough to beat us even though it might only be every 3-5 years.

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  7. W Cobb Dawg

    I think folks would agree we can fill most of our needs right here in GA. But Kirby & Co. have done quite well cherry picking Florida to fill specific needs.

    There’s definitely a recruiting vacuum in Florida when looking at fu, FSU and Miami. CMR was never gonna do the heavy lifting to pull in a majority of the in-state talent. But if Diaz and his staff can get their shit together and recruit hard, I’m sure Miami can out-recruit Mullen by a wide margin. I thought Mullen was wasting his time helicoptering to schools around ATL earlier this year. FSU & Taggert should have their pictures in the dictionary next to the word ‘limbo’. That program is on hiatus as far as I can see.

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  8. Uglydawg

    It would help UGA if UM and FSU could come back strong and soon.
    It looks to be less likely for FSU.
    This will be CWT’s make or break year.
    FSU lost 7 games last year…6 of them by 19 or more points. Ouch!
    Kiffin is well rested, reportedly matured, knows Florida very well, and is close by.
    He would be Mullen’s nightmare on the recruiting scene.

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