Georgia’s first world problem

Reading Jake Rowe’s thought piece on spring questions for Georgia’s offense, I’m struck by these most of all:

  • Where will Sam Pittman look for depth at tackle?
  • Can Jamaree Salyer win or take a starting job?
  • Who’ll be the starting center?

My two questions in response:  (1) Is anyone truly worried about Pittman finding satisfactory answers to all three questions by season’s start? and (2) Did you ever think we’d see the day when we’d feel like that about the offensive line?



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20 responses to “Georgia’s first world problem

  1. Jim

    There are 12 other teams in the conference who would kill for our offensive line “questions”


  2. grevendawg

    I am not worried at all. I have fulll faith in Pittman to put the best 5 on the field and the crazy amount depth along the line.
    I can’t believe the transformation our offensive line has made in such a short time. If Andrew Thomas continues his growth he will be a top 10 pick in the 2020 NFL draft. It was probably the late 90’s early 2000’s where I last thought we had one of the best lines in the SEC. Not sure they were considered one of the best in the country though.


  3. Some of the articles written right now are just to fill space. Jake’s is one of them.


  4. Greg

    “Is anyone truly worried about Pittman finding satisfactory answers to all three questions by season’s start?”

    No, not at all. As a matter of fact, never expected this much success.

    “Did you ever think we’d see the day when we’d feel like that about the offensive line?”

    Not in my wildest dreams, pay the man what he wants. Now all we need to do is find our Sam Pittman of the DL (coach). Thinks we will then de a BIG difference maker.


    • GruvenDawg

      I truly hope coach Scott can be that guy on the D-Line. That is the one position group that hasn’t been up to the standard of stacking recruits. Early whispers from the recruiting sites is this could be the year the D-line recruiting really takes off. It’s the last piece needed to be the consistent threat we all want UGA to be.


      • artful codger

        Tho the DL hasn’t yet had a banner recruiting year ala Pittmann in the ’17 class, I feel it is coming along. Jordan was a pleasant surprise in the middle, hopefully not a fluke as TT turned out to be. This years class has a prize in Travon Walker, unfortunately he won’t be here until summer. And when considering the DL, you have to include the OLB as well, especially in the run support 1st and 2nd down breakdown. Nolan Smith may be able to contribute right away, Jermaine Johnson is expected to. JJ is big enough to possibly see action at DE on 3rd down. That puts basically 3 OLB on the field at the same time. Add in the promise of sophmores Adamson and Ojulari, and I think we will be much improved. Need #10 Herring to pick back up where he left off late last season, he seems heir apparent to Ledbetter’s spot. Need #51 Clark to re-emerge and play as well as ’17. The weak spot may still be nose if Jordan is not the real deal. With Burroughs and Stackhouse 4**** coming next year to the interior, I think we good.


        • Tony Barnfart

          While I don’t disagree with anything you write, my take on the sentiment of Georgia fans is that they want to move the analysis from a needed paragraph about what may work out, to something akin to “I’ve got two words for you: Da’Ron Payne.”

          We’ve had plenty of guys that Georgia fans know are pretty good. I’m ready for the guy that strikes fear into the hearts of the 13 other SEC fan bases.


  5. artful codger

    The two backup tackles in ’19 will be at the very least just as effective as the two starting tackles in ’16. Tremendous turnaround in the OL room.

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  6. Argondawg

    He turns away kids that would have been the jewel of our offensive line classes 5 years ago. Elite recruiter and elite coach. That dude is a character. I hope he never leaves.


  7. 3rdandGrantham

    It was just a few short years ago where our OL was annually considered a weak spot, and we had all sorts of depth issues as well. Remember one year due to all the chronic shoulder issues we moved DL over to immediate starting spots? Insane how far we have come.


  8. Reverend Whitewall

    This is the first year I can ever remember that we won’t be relying on any true freshmen on the OL as critical depth, at minimum. I’m not saying no true freshmen will play (I’m sure Webb will see the field at some point), but if no true freshmen saw the field on OL this year, we should still have a great OL with plenty of depth options. And I can’t remember that ever being the case before.


  9. Russ

    When he asks about depth at tackle, is he talking about depth behind the second starting offensive line? We have two complete starting lines, right?


    • I can’t comprehend this. Aren’t we supposed to be fretting over our only D1 ready non walk on o-lineman at x position struggling with shoulder problems? I’m just conditioned that way.


  10. UGA '97

    The QB Snap Count Audible Center exchange is pretty critical, kinda of like the pitcher and catcher 80 times a game, that play set’s the stage Pittman will get it squared.


  11. Oooh Oooh I know!! *Raises hand
    1) No
    2) Hell No


  12. PTC DAWG

    To your queries….1. NO 2. Was not worried after the hiring of Kirby, he saw what made Bama dominant, have been surprised at how quickly his staff turned this around though..


  13. CEPH

    As Richt used to say, we only need out lineman just to.hold them for a “tic”” longer and our backs can be through the hole, whatever the hell that means. They needed to hold them for the first tic instead of just a tic longer!!!.


  14. Russ

    I just saw where Pittman is recruiting a 5* tackle from (literally) my neighborhood. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this kid play. It would be great to hear the Longhorn fans whine if we could pull him out of here.