Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya…

PAWWWLLL!!! has a little shit-stirring he’d like to share with everyone.

Finebaum was a recent guest on the Cellini & Dimino show on 680 The Fan and explained why the two SEC coaches won’t likely be exchanging Christmas cards anytime soon.

“Remember, Kirby Smart spent all those years under Nick Saban. He knows what it is like to be an assistant. Even though he was his top assistant, Saban does not treat his assistants well, in fact, he treats them shabbily,” Finebaum said on the show. “And I think Kirby left there and there was a lot of fingerpointing toward Kirby, as you guys have heard.

“Even though they won the championship (in 2016), Alabama gave up nearly 40 points to Clemson. They pointed towards Kirby and what really created the friction that exists to this day is that Alabama officials and coaches blame Kirby Smart for ripping off the inner sanctum recruiting room — which is in Saban’s office. If you go to the secondary office where they keep all the prospects, what I mean by that, Kirby went to recruits and said, ‘Hey listen. We want you, you are No. 1 on our list but I know for a fact Alabama has you third or fourth or fifth.’ And that cost Alabama some key recruits and they have not forgiven Kirby Smart yet in Tuscaloosa.”

Yeah, Alabama’s recruiting has really suffered since Smart decamped for Athens.  Jesus, these people whine.  What’s gonna happen should the pupil finally beat the master?



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  1. Ricky McDurden

    Must have missed that NDA Bama made Kirby sign on his way out the door.

    All’s fair in love, war, and recruiting. Just ask Trey Sanders. Seems that a certain group to the West doesn’t like being beat at their own game in a state that doesn’t belong to them.


  2. sniffer

    So what if he did? Recruiting win, amirite?


  3. Alan

    I can see the conversation now.

    CKS: “Well, son, you can wait to hear from Alabama, since I saw that you’re their third choice. Or you can commit to the ‘G’ right now.”

    Recruit: “Gee, Coach Smart, how do I know you’re not just making this up in order to get me to sign with Georgia?”

    CKS pulls out his phone: “See this pic of the whiteboard I took on my way out? There’s your name on the list with a ‘3’ before it.”


  4. Billy King



  5. “And they have not forgiven Kirby Smart yet in Tuscaloosa.”

    Well I do declare! How ever will we go on if those Tuscaloosa boys don’t like us?! The thought is almost too much to bear…

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    • Doug

      This, forever. Why would I give a good-gosh-golly f&%$ whether a rival’s fans like us or not? If a bunch of other team’s fans have only positive things to say about you, it probably means they kick your ass up and down the field on the reg and don’t see you as a threat. For example, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Auburn fans started tsk-tsking about how nasty the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry was becoming right around the time that the Dawgs started beating them at a 75% clip.

      As for the Bammers, it’s been fascinating to watch them tie themselves in rhetorical knots, crowing at what a second-rate program Georgia supposedly is even as they flock to their fainting couches over every single thing UGA does. Like, if we’re such a joke, why do y’all keep talking about us?


  6. ASEF

    Kirby is an asshole and master negative recruiter. When he was their asshole, he was driven to be successful. Now that’s he not their asshole, he’s just an asshole.

    Same thing with LSU fans and Saban.

    Finebaum needs some offseason story lines to feed his beast. Looks like Saban-Smart is going to be a go-to phone bank stocker for him. Which really says more about how little blood there is left in Malzahn’s turnip.


    • stoopnagle

      Considering how ready to be butt-hurt some Georgia fans can be, I don’t blame him.


    • This right here. Bama fans had zero issues with whatever shit-talking Kirby was doing every year about Richt to get recruits out of Georgia. They just don’t like it when he’s no longer their asshole.


    • Who cares? As Audit said above, the Bammers loved hearing the stories of Kirby running around Georgia high schools and living rooms trashing the previous guy’s program. Now that the weapon has been turned on them, they’re crying foul.

      The garbage about the white board should have been put to bed about two years ago. If Nick thought Kirby was such a threat, he was dumb to let him hang around Tuscaloosa during the playoff in 2015.


  7. Spike

    Who gives a shit what Finebaum thinks..?

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    • Mike Cooley

      This. Why anyone insults their own intelligence by paying attention to Paul Finebaum is beyond me. How he still has enough people not totally ignoring him that he is still in cfb discussions is amazing. What I can’t wait for as it relates to Alabama is the day Savannah finally retires. The dose of reality those people have coming is huge and watching their reaction to it is going to be fun.


  8. Got Cowdog

    WHEN the pupil defeats the master, there will be a very drunk and happy Cowdog among the celebrating Bulldog Nation.
    I will certainly tune in to Finebaum’s show after to enjoy the ambiance and the SEC Short that follows should be epic.

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  9. I’ve heard and read this load of crap. Go back and look; Bama had the highest ranked recruiting class they had ever had up until that time the year Kirby left.

    Kirby held together part of Richt’s class and added flipped Fromm. Fromm was already committed to Bama. Do they actually think they lost Fromm because Kirby said he was ranked below ‘x’ coming in?

    Specifically what player was lost because of this? They never name a name. Here is what is really going on. Kirby will go ‘head to head’ with Saban with any kid in America. And he will use his knowledge of the Alabama program against them. That doesn’t mean he is trashing the coach or the program, it means he knows their tactics and what they say. And he knows how to position against that. And Georgia has recruited exceptionally well. They have one number class in the last three and a number 2 and a number 3. Bama had the number 5 or 6 class the year Georgia got the number 1 and Bama has the other two number 1’s… So it isn’t really recruiting is it?

    No, it’s the idea that Georgia now has a coach that is getting the program up to the level it should be, making it a direct threat to Bama. What really scares these guys is that Kirby has learned from the ‘best’ and the ‘best’ turns 68 on Halloween, while Smart turns 44 on December 23rd.

    They see the future and the future has them deeply concerned… As it should.

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  10. PTC DAWG

    Nothing but bullshit.


  11. GruvenDawg

    If we have good team leadership this year and don’t get the injury bug Saban loses to his pupil in the SEC championship game. Book it! It’s going to be glorious!


  12. Bugshot

    The question is will the pupil ever win. Not so good, so far.


  13. mdcgtp

    This is Paul spewing the garbage he reads on the Bama message boards. It is nonsensical on many levels (in addition to not signing a non compete, Kirby didn’t just forget what his evaluations were of players) and it is merely Finebaum doing what Finebaum does to serve his core audience.

    More broadly, Kirby and Saban’s post game comments last December should put to rest any of this non-sense. They said “i love you” to eachother after the game, and it was obvious how much they respect one another. Yet Bama fans on a message board and their mouthpiece Paul Finebaum have proof that Kirby despite visible evidence to the contrary.

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  14. So it was CKS’s fault clemmons hung 40 plus on the bammers in 2019 championship game…this big turd conversation is about petrified…

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  15. A new low, even for F-Bomb. This is the low level thinking that you get on fan message boards….especially the free ones. You would think Bama fans would be above the insecurities and paranoia. They are right to worry about the challenge from UGA, the two teams are close enough to not consider a loss an upset when it occurs. Not sure why they feel superior, or think everyone should bow to them. I respect what they have done, but everyone has their day, and everyone has their down time. Small folks need to be propped up i guess. Enjoy your time boys, looks like cracks are showing, and others are definitely closing the gap.


  16. Hogbody Spradlin

    Penis Head’s ratings must be down.


  17. UGA '97

    In other news, an Alabama radio station is still pissed at the SEC Network about their recruitment tactics of blue chipper Paul.


  18. 4th and Kirby

    “What’s gonna happen should the pupil finally beat the master?”

    I’m not certain that will ever happen. And yes, Im a joy to be with at parties.


  19. Tony Barnfart

    I just wonder about the epic melt that is going to ensue when the pendulum inevitably puts them into 8-4 land.

    Everyone between the ages of 18-32 in their fan base has essentially known nothing but championships. What does ticket buying look like if, in 20 yrs, you are trying to sell season tickets for an 8-4 team to a base of 40-55yr olds who grew up on nothing but championships (and sometimes couldn’t be bothered to show up then) ?