I know this is ostensibly a Georgia-centric college football blog, so arguably it might be irresponsible of me to post about basketball, but, friends, I submit to you when it involves Georgia Tech like this

Georgia Tech has been served by the NCAA with a notice of allegations regarding alleged recruiting violations committed by former assistant basketball coach Darryl LaBarrie and Ron Bell, the former friend of coach Josh Pastner. The NCAA’s enforcement staff found two of the three allegations to constitute severe breaches of conduct (Level I violations), which are the highest level of violations in the NCAA’s structure.

… to paraphrase Peggy Noonan, it would be irresponsible for me not to post about basketball.

The jokes, as we like to say, write themselves.  Start with the lowest hanging fruit.


Then, there’s the inevitable result of having a shortage of women on campus.

The NCAA found that in November 2016 – six months after his hire to join Pastner’s staff – LaBarrie took a prospect on an official visit and a team member to a strip club…

Given Atlanta’s stellar reputation with regard to entertainment venues, that kind of casts Geoff Collins’ newfound recruiting emphasis on the “404” in a whole new light.  You gotta use all your resources.

Likewise, Tech was not found to be lacking institutional control or to have failed to monitor.

I’m not surprised.  Given the lack of results, why would anyone in Tech’s administration have figured there was something amiss in the first place?

I’m also not surprised there’s nothing going on with the football program.  With the genius’ lack of interest in recruiting, why bother trying to cheat?

I could go on, but, as I mentioned at the beginning, this is a football blog.  Don’t let that stop you in the comments, though.


UPDATE:  Death, taxes and delusional Stingtalk hot takes.

Some of y’all need to chill out. Anyone who follows the Bball program has known about this for over a year. Wake up, Bball is a dirty sport. We had some things go sideways and have had to be above board since. As a result, we’ve got zero recruits.

We need to let this blow over and then get back on track.

The only real question I have about all this is whether unc or duke had anything to do with it. Mike and Roy were worried about JP kicking their asses.

Yeah, we’re not worried.  Duke should be worried.



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20 responses to “Today, in BWAHAHAHAHAHAAH

  1. You’re cheating and you still suck. At Georgia Tech, you can do that!

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  2. The other Doug

    Paul Johnson taking a recruit to a strip club is a SNL skit waiting to happen.


  3. DC Weez

    Looks like Tech has Tattletales Tuesdays to go wit Waffle House Wednesday’s.

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  4. Got Cowdog

    I’m worried about this. If this is a recruiting tactic its very possible that GT could lure some gator prospects in, being that the only offering UF has in this area is the “We Bare All” place on I-75.


  5. 81Dog

    If tech, an ostensible basketball school, has to do this to recruit hoops players, what will coach Jeff have to do to try to get traction with football recruits? Does the Cheetah have a recruiting suite at The Joke By Coke?


  6. Cheating and can’t win…beautiful.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    Imagine how bad Tech basketball would have been if they WEREN’T cheating!


  8. Charlottedawg

    I’m too lazy to look it up but i think this means tech once again has more NCAA violations than wins over Georgia this century.

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  9. Doug

    Having a basketball team that bad even after committing Level I recruiting violations is a little like getting called for holding even after you’ve given up a sack.


  10. Faltering Memory

    Interesting to see GT’s Moore has transferred to Pacific with you know who.


  11. CB

    Error 404

    This is funny until I recall that Georgia is suddenly signing high level basketball recruits. 🙃


  12. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    I won’t know what to think about this until I read what the analytical wizards at StingTalk have to say. I’m sure it will be priceless.


  13. Dawg19

    “Georgia Tech Basketball…brought to you by The Cheetah.”

    How ironic.


  14. Texas Dawg

    If you are going to cheat, shouldn’t you at least be semi decent? Anyone can be lousy, so why go the extra mile just to suck?


  15. Doug

    The StingTalk comment you posted is my favorite in that thread. This is my second favorite:

    On a side note, our last payment to Hewitt is in April.

    This is my third favorite:

    Meanwhile, Crean just landed another 4 star and uga has a top 5 class as of now.

    There is no short term solution to our basketball woes. Thank God for football.

    You’re bummed about UGA zooming out ahead of you in basketball…so you pin your hopes on football? Buddy, I got some bad news for you…


  16. UGA '97

    Sure Tech beat unc 1st year under pastnor so even a blind squirrel can find another blind squirrel to find them a nut every once in a while, just like their football program. Imagine having to beat Clemson twice and Uga just to the playoff…what a shitshow. Collins might as well become the new Bootch 2.0 facing that music. Might as well enjoy the swagchalices while u can.