Which of Georgia’s early birds catches the worm?

The Telegraph’s Brandon Sudge suggests three names to watch this spring:  Nakobe Dean, Clay Webb and Stetson Bennett.

Dean is immensely talented, but will have to fight through a lot of upperclass experience to see the field at ILB.  (Special teams, though, is where he’s likely to get early playing time.)  Webb is another talented kid, but it’s not as if there a lack of that on the offensive line.  Bennett is most likely what we think Bennett is.

I’m gonna have to stick with my pick for breakout player in the 2019 class, Jermaine Johnson.  He’s got talent and Kirby has a need for it.

Your picks?


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24 responses to “Which of Georgia’s early birds catches the worm?

  1. scottrollins

    For me, Bennett is player #1 to watch, if only because he is the QB if Fromm gets hurt


  2. Rebar

    I want to see Wilson come on strong this year, and I agree with the Senator about Johnson, he was impressive last year and hopefully the year in the program is adding some mass to his muscle.


  3. Of the guys coming in early, I want to see if Nolan Smith can make a push for the 2-deep. Also, I want to see if the JUCO guys can break the streak of limited contributors.


  4. artful codger

    I’ve been thinking JJ too


  5. Jermaine Johnson is No. 1 on my list due to his potential and the need for someone at his position to dominate. We have to get better at rushing the QB and causing negative plays.

    The player I think we’ll all be talking about the most come Dec is Divaad Wilson, however. I think he’s going to be a star.


    • Wilson played his @$$ off in New Orleans … one of the few bright spots that New Year’s night.


    • Russ

      I agree about Wilson. He had a good Sugar Bowl and I expect him to be a star. JJ has all the hype and I’d love it if he lived up to it, but we haven’t seen close to that for any of the previous Juco’s or transfers. We had that guy from ND who played a lot at ND and he barely made a ripple with us, and he certainly had the opportunity to make a splash.

      I’d like to see Nolan Smith on the field. To be the #1 overall recruit, he sure doesn’t generate much buzz among the fanbase or press.


  6. Derek

    I’m interested in who our returners are going to be with mecole and terry gone.


  7. Greg

    Thinks Johnson will struggle as most all JUCO’s do. He is big and fast for his size, but I believe that is what most are looking at. There will be an adjustment period….hope I am wrong.

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  8. GruvenDawg

    I hope it’s Johnson and he really is a one and done type player here. If he can get down his responsibilities and get on the field early he could be dangerous. I think by the time the SEC championship game rolls around Nolan will be ready for third down packages. I don’t think the backup QB can save Bama this year.


  9. Argondawg

    I also thing JJ or Nolan smith but then again that OLB room is stacked. It won’t surprise me to see Anderson or Cox become all conference and Ojalari looked terrifying in the bowl game. I can’t help but feel like on paper this is far and away the most talented squad we have ever fielded. We are living in interesting times.

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  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Bennett and Johnson make sense since we lost the top backup at QB and starter Ledbetter at DE. Nakobe would have to be really special to jump ahead of Rice, Crowder, Tindall, etc. The only way we’ll see Webb in 2019 would be due to widespread OL injuries, but I expect he’ll redshirt. I’m sure we’ll see Daniel. Probably gonna see McIntosh, Seifer, a couple of the new DLs, and Stevenson or Cine.

    We really don’t have any glaring needs. So if injuries aren’t a big factor I don’t expect to see any true freshmen with the exception of STs, limited action to give regulars a blow, or mop up duty.


  11. Mike Cooley

    I think Johnson will play well. Hopefully he becomes a bonafide weapon. I agree that Divaad Wilson is going to be a good one. I also think Tyson Campbell will become the player we think he can be this year. I hope we see good things from James Cook.


  12. Russ

    How could I forget? I’m really hoping to see Zeus run wild this year with Swift. I hope his knees (and his confidence) are totally healed and he busts loose.


  13. Uglydawg

    Yes, gotta be pulling for Zeus to finally get and take the opportunity to show his stuff. But it’s concerning how much the long, long time away from actually playing is going to set him back. Really hoping he does super.
    And while we’re all looking for the cream to rise to the top of the churn, a’la JJ, I think gaining some confidence that Bennett can really handle the QB job should Fromm suffer an injury or illness is huge. Kirby calling him back speaks loudly, but we all want to see it with our eyes.


    • Tony Barnfart

      It’s crazy to me that the same program that landed a 5 Star quarterback in each of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 classes could be relying on a 2 Star recruit at QB in 2019.


  14. Will Adams

    I’m not sure if I’d officially make this my pick but, I really hope that Zeus is healthy and gets to his pre-injury form soon. Obviously Swift is immensely talented and has shown, when healthy, he’s one of, if not the best RB’s in the nation. But we all know that one guy carrying the brunt of the load wears on even the most conditioned players. Especially by seasons end when we should be playing for the SEC championship. If Zeus gets healthy and run without hesitation, then our backfield will be as good as a 2017. Before he got hurt last year, there were rumblings in the coaching staff about Zeus being a generational type player who has elite speed, power, size, strength, vision, and running instincts. He was also picking up the playbook pretty quickly and has a good head on his shoulders. So long story short, I really hope I get to see him run behind the group of OL we have this year.

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  15. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Johnson is who we need to be special, so I would like to see that also, but it feels like a lot to expect. We have seen lots of players with all the physical tools in the world disappoint. Sometimes that is because our expectations are perhaps higher than they should be.

    I realize I’m not talking about a new player here, but the guy I want to see flip the switch is DRob.