So easy, even an athletic director can do it.

You may think this is obvious.

But you’re not paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to run a P5 athletic program, like Lynn Swann is.

I’d say they’re stealing money, but it’s not like their victims have a problem with it.



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4 responses to “So easy, even an athletic director can do it.

  1. JasonC

    Now we know the real reason the NCAA doesn’t want to pay student-athletes… they know schools have been harboring non-athlete children of celebrity parents. The NCAA, SJWs ahead of their time.


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    Hundreds if thousands? That’s for peons with little experience inside college AD’s. Considering Pat Haden was paid 2.5m annually based on his tax filings and performed miserably with two bad hires, I’d venture to say Lynn is being compensated at least that or more.


  3. Doug

    Bill Plaschke had a column in the hometown L.A. Times last week running down the litany of reasons Swann has been a disaster as USC’s AD. Suffice to say the fake-athlete admissions scandal is just the latest in a string of embarrassments. But USC’s situation is a lot like UGA’s—as long as the AD keeps on raking in money, nobody’s going to get their backs up enough to fire him. (And Swann has the advantage of hero athlete status to boot.)


  4. Jack Klompus

    I can’t stop laughing. What a strategist!! No wonder they keep him around.