Today, in survival instinct

James Coley ($$) isn’t going to be that guy.

One of the great curiosities about this Georgia team is how the change in offensive coordinator will manifest itself. James Coley’s play-calling tendencies, relative to Jim Chaney, won’t be apparent until the fall, with perhaps some hints on G-Day. But Coley is starting to put his imprint on the offense.

In a pre-spring meeting with the offense, Coley pinpointed three areas of needed improvement:

– Goal-line/short yardage.

Yeah, that’s probably a wise move.


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11 responses to “Today, in survival instinct

  1. Greg

    it’s a learned thing….not that there is anything wrong with it:


  2. ugafidelis

    Chaney responds, “Thank you Mr Cowboy I’ll take that under advisement… Hit it again.”


  3. Got Cowdog

    Kirbs went into full meltdown towards the end of the “Great Florida Goal Line Stand and Moral Victory” as well.
    Fucker’s got a temper. I like that.


  4. Skeptic Dawg

    This tells you all you need to know about the Georgia program. This is Kirby’s team top to bottom, no questions asked. Why did we run the ball into the line of scrimmage 37 times? Because Kirby instructed them to do so. The offense will only be as explosive and dominate as Kirby allows them to be. If we can put up 200 points running the ball all day long it will happen. If we need to throw the ball to put up 200 points It will never happen and we will more than likely lose. Imposing your will upon your opponent means one thing, and one thing only, to Kirby…run the ball down their throat. This is completely wrong in 2019 in my opinion. You can impose your will upon someone through the air or on the ground. Hell, just ask Alabama about the national title game. It does not help that we have a QB incapable, or unwilling, to throw the ball of the middle of the field.

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    • Jack Klompus

      Username checks out.


      • Macallanlover

        Did he actually say we had a QB incapable of throwing the ball somewhere on the field? Write him off regarding any football related comment. Bad enough to have a negative attitude, some consider that a way to stay realistic and keep your feet on the ground; but man, how do you make a football observation like that on a football blog?


  5. The Dawg abides

    We saw that at least two more times against Mizzou and UF. Gotta think that Chaney was the recipient all three times. I really believe the relationship soured over the season, leading to Kirby putting zero effort in keeping Chaney. It’s also been noticed how Kirby didn’t mention Chaney when praising all the coaches and analysts that moved on to other positions.


  6. This was, imho, the moment Jim Chaney lost his job.

    “It’s fucking over”, CKS seems to say over the headset. He was referring in the moment to more plays at the goal line, but ultimately it applied to Chaney’s job too.