Nothing like kicking a program when it’s down.

A lot of you know my other alma mater is the University of Virginia.  It’s a mild understatement to acknowledge that the football program fell on hard times (although it looks like Mendenhall has things turned in the right direction now), so it gives me great pleasure on a number of levels to share this news with you.

If you’re GT, there isn’t enough Waffle House in the world to make that one go down easier.


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16 responses to “Nothing like kicking a program when it’s down.

  1. Mike from Myrtle Beach

    The Wahoos


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Georgia Tech gets the home team’s homecoming distractions.

    Georgia gets seven rested teams coming off an open weekend (Auburn, Florida, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Georgia Tech).

    Uh, thanks.


  3. 81Dog

    What’s the problem.? I thought coach Jeff enjoyed being served, especially scattered, smothered and chunked.


  4. rugbydawg79

    My Dad Boxed and played Football at UVA…until he had to go help Patton deal with Hitler. I grew up eating corndogs at Scott Stadium. I will never forget in 76 after UGA beat bama 21-0 Tech played UVA that night and was way up in the 4th Qtr. still throwing Bombs. Needless to say we got in a big fight…I hope UVA creams them.


    • I was in attendance for this glorious moment, which is still my favorite college football game that didn’t involve UGA.

      I was seated in the section next to the Tech band. Before the game, they were playing music razzing Georgia. After they finished, I could hear people woofing in the stands in response. Then UVa GATAed Tech.

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      • Doug

        Holy shit, I was there too! The newspaper I was working at in Lynchburg had a handful of freebie tickets for each home game and I made sure to dibs a few for the Tech game. By the fourth quarter, George O’Leary’s face was so red with rage that you could see it from the stands.

        My mom and dad have three UVA degrees between them, so it’s been nice to see the Hoos’ fortunes turn around under Mendenhall. Considering that Tech’s road record against Virginia has been almost as bad as their home record against us, this is one non-Georgia game I will be looking forward to this season.


      • Russ

        Haha! It’s funny because Tech choked again!


  5. Texas Dawg

    A 20 year old clip, and it is still just as much fun watching the nerds lose.


  6. Otto

    UVa is the biggest group of A Hole snobbish fans I’ve been around only tied with GT. I hope it ends in a tie.


  7. I graduated from UVa a couple years before that game, but David Rivers, the pride of Augusta, Ga, was a buddy of mine back in those days. Was great seeing him get his first start and throttle the Jackets after Dan Ellis got hurt. GoHoos


  8. TSlick

    Sounds like someone is a VT fan.


  9. 4th & Kirby

    I wish we could bring UVA into the SEC


  10. PatinDC