Gator turnover

David Wunderlich looks at Florida’s roster evolution under Dan Mullen.  It looks like he’ll still be coaching another year with more starters signed by McElwain than by him.

Dan Mullen didn’t inherit as great a bounty in his second stint in Gainesville.

He began with only 21 of 22 starters being Jim McElwain recruits from Game 1 thanks to Ole Miss transfer Van Jefferson taking a starting spot. By Game 3, it was 20 of 22 thanks to true freshman Trey Dean taking over for the injured Marco Wilson.

Then when the calendar turned to October for the LSU game, it was 19 of 22 thanks to West Virginia graduate transfer Adam Shuler earning the starting role at defensive tackle. UF didn’t release an official depth chart for the Peach Bowl that I can find, but if it had, the count would’ve been down to 18 of 22 with Ohio State transfer Trevon Grimes stepping in for the injured Tyrie Cleveland.

Looking ahead to Mullen’s Year 2, and the count probably shifts anywhere from a 15/7 McElwain-Mullen split to as high as 13/9.

David’s right that Florida’s 2006 season is the gold standard for them.  Meyer famously won a national title with Zook’s recruits.  The problem for Mullen is that he’s coming in after two straight staffs didn’t exactly kill it recruiting offensive players.

One of the remarkable things about all this is that something similar happened before. Recently. McElwain had to turn over almost the entire offensive roster quickly because of how bad of shape Will Muschamp left it in.

Looking at the first depth chart of McElwain’s second year in 2016, only four offensive starters were Muschamp signees: LT David Sharpe, C Cam Dillard, TE DeAndre Goolsby, and WR Brandon Powell.

Mullen did a good job with what he inherited last season, but without consistently better recruiting, Florida is going to have a tough slog getting back to the top of the division.

Competition only takes a guy so far.



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7 responses to “Gator turnover

  1. Chopdawg

    You’re right about Gator turnover…11 times against Nevada, in the ugliest-uniform bracket of the NCAA basketball tournament.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Two questions. Does Grantham use hand signals when recruiting? And does Towel Guy accompany him on visits?


  3. Mike Cooley

    May they NEVER return to the top of the division. I like having them right where they are. Quiet,excuse making, moral victory celebrating Florida is the best Florida.

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  4. Mayor

    I hate FU as much or more than anyone else on this blog. But we keep whistling past the graveyard with them. Last year they had squat for an offense and won 10 games. When and if they ever get a QB……


    • Mike Cooley

      That doesn’t worry me and the gator PTSD that a lot of our fans have needs to be squashed. They were pretty bad ten win team.


  5. 69Dawg

    You have obviously missed the Gator’s miraculous turn around. I live 60 miles south of Gainesville and Gator fans who have been shut up for a couple of years are now talking crap again. They are back baby, after all they were ranked higher in the coaches poll.


  6. Castleberry

    Was listening to an old podcast this week. They got killed by Mizzou last year.