Junior’s sexy talk

Joey Freshwater, on the transfer portal:

Make no mistake, Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin still loves Twitter and its various trends. Just don’t expect him to follow college football fans in tweeting #PraisePortal anytime soon.

Kiffin called the NCAA’s transfer portal, which has quickly become a fan favorite on social media and message boards, “a sexy thing to do.”

“I can get in this portal so I can get some attention — we’re in a generation of just wanting attention no matter what — so now, I can go in this (portal), get an article written about me, and get re-recruited because I don’t like exactly how something’s going,” Kiffin said.

“Get an article written about me”?  Gee, sounds like the Laner’s a little jealous over the thought that somebody other than him could be sucking oxygen out of the media’s tent.

Anyway, all that’s a lead in to a truly terrible idea of his.

“I’m not saying kids shouldn’t transfer, shouldn’t be able to transfer … but if they do, you need to have the ability to replace them,” Kiffin said.

An inability to replace those players is what has Kiffin most frustrated. NCAA rule changes prevent teams from bringing more than 25 scholarship players to campus as part of a given signing class. A combination of transfers, graduation, and players leaving early for the NFL means FAU will not hit the 85-player limit.

Johnson’s transfer and Chris Robison’s indefinite suspension means the Owls only have one active scholarship quarterback: redshirt freshman Cordel Littlejohn.

“You’re gonna see rosters around the country that are not at 85 (scholarships) and they won’t be able to get to 85. So what do you do if you have 25 seniors and 10 guys transferring?” Kiffin asked. “That’s 35 off your roster, but you’re capped at 25.

Nick Saban is either kicking himself for not thinking of that first, or else he’s already sent Junior a congratulatory text for putting that out there.  Can you imagine Alabama with extra schollies to offer?  Hell, he’d probably put kids in the portal even if they didn’t want to leave Tuscaloosa.


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15 responses to “Junior’s sexy talk

  1. GruvenDawg

    There is a rumor the cap may be changed as early as this year because of the portal…granted rumor was one guy on a website.


  2. Doug

    The guy who basically tried to sneak out of Knoxville under cover of darkness after only one season, complaining that it’s too easy to transfer? Cool story, bro.


  3. Mayor

    If we’re going to have true free agency in college athletics what Junior says makes total sense. Also, in order for transfer athletes to have somewhere to transfer TO (pardon the grammar) this way the schools would get to open more slots for transferrees.


  4. Macallanover

    Junior wasn’t the first to understand the chaos free agency would create, it was obvious from the start. The only thing that has changed is the 25 player cap (which seems to have some holes in it anyway). What he is suggesting is the numerical side of the portal issue, that doesn’t change the problem with specific position needs, or time to get players comfortable with the new system that are moving to. No way for a coach to plan for an orderly development and transition from one year to the next. Some programs will get clobbered, and there is nothing the coach can do to protect themselves, or the players left behind. What a stupid we are.


  5. spur21

    I’m OK with transfers but entry into the portal needs to occur on a specific date – preferably before the early signing period.
    The cap also needs to be adjusted accordingly so coaches can plan for the losses.


    • Oh, ‘fer Chrissakes, they’re working with 85-man rosters! If they need to replace a kid headed for the portal — who’s likely going because he’s dissatisfied with playing time — they can always go to the portal for a replacement.


      • GruvenDawg

        Not disagreeing with you, but definitely looking at it in a different light. If you look at VT with what looks like 12 scholarship players entering the portal and Penn state with 15 it’s going to be hard for them to get you back to the numbers they are allowed with transfers only. What if 15 transfers were all from one signing class? That can really screw with a team for years (think UGA 2015). I think UGA had like 70 at the 2012 SEC championship not including walkons who received scholarships. That is what a team looks like when you don’t take the full 85. That depth can determine if your competing in the Belk bowl or a New Years 6.

        I am not against the transfer portal. I think long term it’s good for the student athletes to be able to get out if they want to. However I was pretty certain in the NCAA would screw it up. They instituted it without thinking of ramifications to the teams with players leaving. Hopefully they won’t be slow to adjust the cap allowing for additional scholarships based on transfer counts.

        Also curious to see how the bureaucracy of the NCAA deals with approving what could approach 1000 transfers a year? Did they even hire additional staff to deal with the new case load? It would be the most NCAA thing ever that they can’t get the kids approved in a timely manner.



      • spur21

        Whatever – you’re the boss and everything must pass your muster – good grief.


  6. Russ

    Pretty rich for Kiffin to knock some kid as an attention seeker.


  7. Biggus Rickus

    Seems like Smart did okay with roster management despite a couple of transfers and a higher than usual rate of early departures to the draft. It doesn’t seem that difficult to manage if you have contingencies in place.


  8. ASEF

    If we want to let the market set compensation, we have to let it set employment opportunities. 85 man rosters and 25 caps artificially inflate player value. Does Google get to tel Microsoft how many programmers it can employ? No.


  9. Texas Dawg

    “we’re in a generation of just wanting attention no matter what ” Sounds like Kiffin is talking about himself


  10. Go Dawgs!

    Lane Kiffin of all people can miss me with the complaints about student athletes seeking self-aggrandizement through the transfer portal or any other means. My goodness. I really thought that Lane was one of the good ones in terms of taking care of the players’ interests.

    That said, though, I think he’s got a point on the 25-player cap. If I had to point to a single factor that has made Georgia more effective under Kirby Smart’s watch than under Coach Richt’s, it would be roster management. Georgia’s higher up the food chain than a school like Florida Atlantic, but it only takes a few defections to throw careful roster planning out of the window. I don’t want to see us go into a game against a team like Alabama or LSU again with 10 or 16 fewer players on scholarship for any reason. But if the NCAA gives a 1-for-1 exemption on transferring players one top of the cap, I think that would solve any issue and it would be in favor of more freedom of movement and choice for the athletes. Seems like an easy fix to me.