Maybe they will throw more to the tight ends.

Now here’s an interesting comment.

“I know he [James Coley] likes to throw it,” said Isaac Nauta, who played tight end for Georgia the past three seasons. “I know he likes the tight end play as well. A lot of the catches I had this year were plays he put in for me.”

“Plays he put in for me”?  So, last year Coley had a hand in designing the offense and they were using that on the field in games?  Hmmm…

Looks like I may have given the wrong guy credit for those four straight completions at the end of the first half in Jacksonville.


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7 responses to “Maybe they will throw more to the tight ends.

  1. Em, King here

    I mean he was the qb coach, am I missing something?


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    h/t to towel boy


  3. Dawg1

    Chaney was probably in the elevator on the way to the locker room when that travesty occurred!


  4. Greg

    ALL…goes thru Kirby.


  5. Macallanlover

    I think he can thank Jake Fromm State Farm. The 1 minute drill is pretty much on him, the TEs are just one option, the decision is on the QB with no time for instructions from the coaches beyond his training.