In praise of Geoff

I’m as happy to mock Georgia Tech as the next Dawg fan, but credit where credit is due:  I wish every football program took this approach ($$).

In the beginning, Collins said his team will play with unmatched energy and “juice.” It’s something that the media actually will be able to see firsthand and report on. Georgia Tech will hold practices Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. Practices will be open to the media for 30 minutes on those days and just about every coach on staff, as well as players from just about every position, will be made available throughout the next five weeks.

Collins is actually going against the grain of the Nick Saban “head coach speaks for all” approach he tasted first-hand during his time in Tuscaloosa, and good for him doing so.  The offensive coordinator is carrying around the nuclear launch codes; it would be nice for fans to hear about his approach to strategy.  (In Tech’s case, with the switch from the triple option, especially so.)

Although I wonder if his approach changes should GT re-emerge to some degree from its current level of attention seeking.  Hate to see this perceived as a mere marketing gimmick.  Fans deserve a little more.  But kudos for the time being…



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20 responses to “In praise of Geoff

  1. Argongdawg

    He has plenty of “juice and energy” but this season imo is going to be one of the most painful in recent memories for GT. I’ll be surprised if he has much to talk about after this year. Except playing time on a woeful team.


    • Muttley

      That’s been the expectation for years and years- it’ll be really interesting to see it finally play out. Can’t wait to see what the 2019 Jackets look like.


  2. Junkyardawg41

    Do you think he is going to ask for 55k people to show up for the spring game (note, I said people and not fans)


  3. ATL Dawg

    If the players were allowed to make money off their likeness (like their millionaire overlord coaches do), you’d see Kirby and Saban immediately adopt the Geoff Collins approach to the media for recruiting purposes.


  4. Olde Dawg 78

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. If he didn’t do this, then no one would bother covering gtu and I’m getting a feeling that Jeoffrey craves his attention.

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    • 81Dog

      Agreed. Nick doesn’t have to beg for attention from the media, he’s free to dole info out like it was Chateau d’yquem. Coach Jeff would probably send a car and driver for the Dunwoody Neighbor if he got a mention or two. Chances are the shine comes off his jalopy pretty fast this fall, he likely needs all the media goodwill he can scrounge up.


  5. Greg

    Definitely coming in with some juice/excitement. Read the other day where we only had 8 in-state signees. That we are going more national, hope we ain’t opening the gate.

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  6. Bulldog Joe

    It’s a long road back but a good move for them.

    GT has been ignored in its home market due to unearned arrogance and its boring brand of football.

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  7. 69Dawg

    They have to do something to fire up their fans and getting the media involved serves that purpose. If the Atlanta media focus on GT because GT lets them have more access then UGA will get less coverage in the Atlanta media. I just hope Kirby is on the mother.


  8. I predict he’ll (Geoff) regret this…..19 yoa football players, hell all teenagers, say some pretty dumb stuff and he is going to spend some substantial amount of his coaching time explaining,interpreting and apologizing for some poorly educated teenager’s off the cuff remark. This is the opposite of keeping the main thing the main thing.


  9. Tlkdawg

    On a dreadfully sad note concerning tech, 21 yr old DT Brandon Adams died today. No details as to what happened. They’re not my hated rivals when it comes to something so tragic. Deepest sympathies to all who knew him. I understand he was a fine young man.


    • Uglydawg

      I agree TLKdawg. I’m pretty sure most if not all GTP posters feel the same.
      Prayers and sympathies to Brandon’s loved ones.


      • Macallanlover

        I am pretty sure that is true. Unlike the Sting nerds who always give a big “hell yeah” when the shoe is on the other foot (as when Munson died, or every single Uga.) We have a few like that, they have bunches. Hope we never get that desperate for a W.


  10. Some times you should speak out loud…other times you should just STFU, whenst you draw attention to your self, you better back it up, ’cause back wash is never a good taste…..GO DAWGS!


  11. 92 grad

    Geoff. There was a kid that worked for me (still does on occasion) and i always called him giraffe.


  12. TimberRidgeDawg

    On the other hand, I can’t imagine there’s 30 minutes worth of content worth watching or listening to across the entire program for three days a week.

    Waffle House and no socks only gets you so far trying to play with a normal offensive scheme with a roster that’s not equipped to play it. As Coach PJ was fond of saying… “It is what it is..”


  13. Milledge Hall

    Sorry senator, no praise for Jeoff. Gimmick only. When GTU loses to The Citadel, the bastions of hell will be unleashed upon him.
    I for one will be giddy!!