Sensitive, sensitive

So, it seems this three-year old tweet was making the rounds again this weekend.

Sure, some folks didn’t notice the original date, but the NCAA seems to have passed over the whole it-was-a-dumb-thing-to-post-in-the-first-place aspect of that, because it ignored the First Rule of Holes and kept right on digging.

The NCAA ought to put Stacey Osburn in charge of editing Inside the NCAA.



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3 responses to “Sensitive, sensitive

  1. Bulldog Joe

    So comforting to know that free Wi-Fi is not an NCAA violation.


  2. $hould it not be a company that either $upport$, adverti$e$ or write$ a check to the ncaa, ‘ti$$$ not a violation…..


  3. UGA '97

    Waut, what? No mention of the hotel names or likeness in this tweet? Now the hotel owners understand what it feels like to be an amateur. Nice work ncaa. Now back to watching the tourney with your logo on every square inch of every media and medium that passes our eyes.