Musical palate cleanser, still going strong edition

If ever the phrase “dulcet tones” is a perfect description of a person’s vocal abilities, it’s Aaron Neville’s.  Last night I enjoyed seeing him perform at City Winery, where he enthralled the audience with his 1966 hit, “Tell It Like It Is”.

You know, it’s reassuring to see a performer fifteen years my senior manage to go at it without missing a beat.  Thanks, man.



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3 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, still going strong edition

  1. Salty Dawg

    That song is straight up baby making music! Nice.


  2. Muttley

    Just dropped the Nevilles into my massive 5,000+-song all-seventies iTunes playlist, previously called “ABBA to ZZTop”. (Ramones transitioning to Bowie as I type). A lone 70s solo track from Aaron Neville bumped ABBA to alphabetical irrelevancy.


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    Sweet Sound