Nothing ever dies on Twitter.

The latest to learn that is Tech’s assistant head coach Brent Key.

Georgia Tech senior defensive lineman Brandon Adams passed away suddenly on Saturday. Police said the 21-year-old collapsed near campus, and was taken by friends to a local hospital, where he died. Tributes to the young man poured in, and you can read many of them here, from his teammates and coaches and school administrators.

And then there’s Yellow Jackets associate head coach and offensive line coach Brent Key, who spent almost one and a half sentences remembering Adams before being overcome by excitement over this weekend’s commitment of a four-star cornerback prospect.

Key’s tweet, flooded by replies pointing out how bad an idea it was and how this was probably not the time to remind everyone about the interchangeability of college football players, was deleted just before noon today.

I’m sure he meant well.  About recruiting, anyway.


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27 responses to “Nothing ever dies on Twitter.

  1. Dawg1

    Ouch. That is one tone deaf dude right there!


  2. J.G.

    Surprised this prick didn’t find a way to mention Adams’ star rating. “Lost a GOOD MAN (3), gained a non-binding ‘commitment’ from a GREAT MAN (4). FUTURE IS BRIGHT!”


  3. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Just remember, You’re at Georgia Tech. You can do that.


  4. Ugly

    Unfortunate. I hate it for everyone involved.

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  5. UGA '97

    The db commit really appreciated being pulled into the same tweet.


  6. FlyingPeakDawg

    Waffle House wants their mugs back.


  7. Thatguy

    I have no words. The absolute insensitivity of that tweet is beyond me. You’ve got a family, and a team, grieving the loss of a young man, and you tweet about ‘Next Man Up’. That’s some serious ‘Total Person’ you’re selling here, GTU.


  8. DavetheDawg

    “Even in the dark days, the future is bright.” Yeah, tell that to Brandon Adams’ family.

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  9. stoopnagle



  10. Russ

    Given that he has to have thought (albeit briefly) about what he was going to type into the twitter machine, that just makes it even worse. Sometimes you blurt something out without thinking, but to actually type those thoughts and then post them in perpetuity is just beyond belief.


  11. Harold Miller

    What the literal intercourse!?!


  12. Dawg19

    Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how’s recruiting?


  13. Go Dawgs!

    Geoff Collins and the other leaders over there need to take this guy into a side office and teach him how to either show sensitivity or to keep his mouth shut, and not let him out of the side office until he gets the message. This shows such disrespect to the loss of a human life, and a young one full of potential at that. People are more than interchangeable parts of a team and human life is more important that football. I think this guy was trying to be profound, which makes how far he missed the mark that much worse. This dude needs some training and some discipline, and I don’t want him speaking for any university program until he gets it… not just my program, but anybody’s. I continue to send heartfelt sympathy to the Georgia Tech family.


  14. 3rdandGrantham

    This reminds me of the time a few years back when an email from the VP of sales to a team of ~30 about the sad and sudden passing of a particular account manager (sales), who was a top performer with several large, Fortune 100 clients. Literally 20 minutes later, we were all included on an email reply from a certain manager, who inquired with the VP if he could take over a particular large account or two of the manager who passed away, all while touting his experience and just how great of a job he’d do.

    Not only did this sociopathic clown immediately ask about taking over a book of business of someone who just died, he managed to ‘reply all’ to the entire grieving team without bothering to pay any attention to what he was doing. Thus we all immediately became aware of his rather tactless activities, and here’s a shocker: there was no sorrow expressed either…just a desire to grab accounts/money.

    He never got any accounts in the end and rightfully was ostrosized quickly before departing a short time later. I bet he and that GT coach are probably buddies and will wonder over a few beers tonight why everyone is so mad at them.


  15. 3rdandGrantham

    By the way, what is just as glaring to me is he still has yet to apologise. Instead, he merely took the tweet down without commenting further, and basically is wiping his hands of the whole matter by hoping it will go away.

    The fact that he never manned up and/or nobody else has advised him to apologise is almost as disturbing.


  16. Benny D

    I’d like to propose, however, that these relatively minor incidents for an average college student, have a cumulative cultural effect within the team. It’s not that they’re thugs. Or that they can reasonably expected to be instantly mature, but the more minor incidents that accumulate the more one wonders about symptomatic behavior about a collective entitled attitude, which like poison, does slowly affect on field performance and willingness to grind. Excellence is as good as it is rare. If it were easy, then everyone would practice it. If you’re gunning for a natty, as we all know, the difference between winning it all and everything else, isn’t a matter of getting screwed by the refs, it’s hundreds of hours of sacrifice and the embracing of self-disciple.

    We (read “they”) lost to Texas, not because of all the manpower losses and the common “let down” narratives. They lost because the didn’t perceive the need to stay focused because the external reward was not worth the effort. Laziness of character is a hard thing to overcome without collective attitude adjustment. Wasn’t it Barkley who said (paraphrasing) “pro athletes are the laziest folks on earth, because they don’t want to practice because they’re naturally already good enough to beat most people.”

    I dunno, but the one area where Kirbs hasn’t impressed me is in the department that Saban and Dabo teams generally seem to possess: the ability to keep from playing down or even sloppy when major effort to win is not perceived. And that starts with little things.


  17. PTC DAWG

    Going public immediately with your thoughts, is sometimes, no, most of the time, not a good idea.

    Think instant coffee vs French Press.


  18. Milledge Hall

    The corch has the right to remain silent….
    The dumbass just doesn’t have the ability!!!!
    Tech still sux!!


  19. The Truth

    Coach Key, you are just dumber than dirt.


  20. Cojones

    What happened? is a large part of the announcement of anyone’s death, but why is there a great mystery of the cause of death of a young college football player? That he was beloved by many outside his immediate family is evident and the expected heart wringing words are devoid of any cause of death mentioned by anyone, including any reference to any delayed autopsy report or suicide. After the initial AJC article omitted the cause of Brandon Adams’ death, an internet search yielded crickets through the writings/reports of many others. Yesterday, after an inconclusive autopsy, the only info is that he collapsed at a townhouse near campus and that the GBI is involved.

    What happened? Does anyone know?