“I wouldn’t say it’s unrealistic, it’s just challenging.”

The NCAA is so mad at Kentucky they’re going to give Cleveland State another year of probation.

Jerry Tarkanian

One only wonders what Tarkanian would have quipped about this.

Like most warning shots, it was loud and flashy, designed to capture attention. Like most warning shots, it drew no blood. And like many warning shots, it isn’t likely to force much change.

In early February, the NCAA used Saginaw Valley State University to launch its latest warning to member institutions — this time the smaller schools that make up Division II.

Springboarding off a self-report from Saginaw Valley on paperwork issues that led to 130 athletes in 15 sports competing improperly over several years, the NCAA warned schools that they must have a strong compliance program — a tall task for small schools.

“The committee is cognizant of the financial challenges faced by many Division II member schools,” the NCAA said in its press release announcing its decision. “However, this case illustrates the need for all Division II schools to ensure that they devote the necessary funds and staffing to establish an effective and reliable compliance program that, at a minimum, can fulfill basic and fundamental responsibilities of membership, including eligibility certification, as exemplified in this case.”

It might also illustrate the need for less NCAA regulations.  But that might affect the job market for compliance officers.

“Division II is largely the forgotten division,” Eckstein said. “There are often the local state school or the smaller private school. The NCAA has the tendency to pick and choose when they enforce all the rules. They don’t like to do so at the big schools, so they do every once and a while with the smaller schools and they can say, ‘Look, we enforce the rules.'”

The NCAA declined to make anyone available to talk about this issue.

Unlike Tarkanian…


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2 responses to ““I wouldn’t say it’s unrealistic, it’s just challenging.”

  1. Nashville West

    Reminds me of when the NCAA cited Cal Tech for violations. Probably the foremost STEM school in the country and one of the most selective. They had a program where no student had to enroll in a specific class for the first month of each semester, kind of a try before you buy. They were cited because the NCAA required that athletes be enrolled in classes before competing.
    Fortunately the men’s basketball team didn’t have to forfeit any wins, they were in the middle of a multi year losing streak. Obviously the program gained a substantial competitive advantage. Even a rocket scientist can tell that the NCAA is a joke…

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  2. Mayor

    Sort of like when the US was attacked by terrorists from Saudi Arabia on 9/11/2001 we responded by bombing and invading Iraq…..