“Obviously, I’m extremely disappointed.”

But Kirby Smart hasn’t lost control!

“My concern is the decisions that are made to put yourself in that situation,” Smart said. “Look, our kids go downtown. We know they go downtown, but when you go downtown you’ve got to behave. You’ve got to act the right away, follow and be law-abiding citizens. That’s the expectations we have for our players and to be honest with you, most of our guys do that, but when they don’t, we’re going to try to correct it and we’re going to try to do it the educational way. We’re certainly going to do that with Tyrique and Tyler.”

Man, where’s the overreaction, the sanctimonious handwringing, the sense that the program is about to collapse under its own weight?  Why hasn’t Kirby spoken with Kirk Herbstreit about it?

I dunno, maybe he’s just waiting for PAWWWLLL! to weigh in.  This is just too measured.  This lack of aggression will not stand, man.  At least not as long as there are still dumbasses sensitive pundits with hot takes out there.



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10 responses to ““Obviously, I’m extremely disappointed.”

  1. Bulldog Joe

    As far as disciplinary decision-making and authority go, it’s a whole different world over there from what it was five years ago.

    Deal with the individuals instead of punishing the entire program.


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    We’re talking a couple of bar fights and driving on a suspended license charge that eminated from parking in an illegal zone. Back in the day, that was a fairly typical weekend for a football player at UGA. In other words, I’m not all that bothered, though I do find it ironic that some of our rivals are pointing and laughing at us while their players are being arrested on far more serious charges.

    It’s funny how some will treat a rival player being arrested for a suspended license the same if not worse than their own team’s player being arrested for, say, domestic violence or burglary. With all that said, how in the hell do you drive on a suspended license these days? You just have to know you are going to be caught with all the technology police are using like plate scanners, etc.


  3. RandallPinkFloyd

    I muted Clay Travis a while back and I forget that he exists majority of the time. A world without Clay Travis is a better world I tell ya.

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  4. Clay Travis is an 10rc urnge-loving douche.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Yep, Clay. That fight over the weekend was a real ass-whuppin. KInda like the last time we were in Knoxvegas.


  6. GruvenDawg

    Ask Clay, Why do they call it the Fulmer Cup again?

    Those with glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


  7. Classic City Canine

    This is a very measured take from Kirby. I appreciate that he acknowledges that the players go downtown, but also sets a very reasonable expectation that they stay out of trouble. There are thousands of students that have too much to drink and avoid the kinds of stuff that gets you arrested. Players should be able to do the same and if you can’t, then you have no business being downtown.

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    Kirby will recognize the cancer then weed it out accordingly. Count on it.