Wednesday morning buffet

A few nibbles here, a few nibbles there, and pretty soon you’ve got a full buffet.

  • Missouri has decided to celebrate its appeal of NCAA sanctions in a unique way.
  • Plaintiffs’ lawyers in Alston want to get paid.
  • Class is in with Mike Leach.
  • Lane Kiffin“You go to the national championship in what was it, the second year, and could have won the game a million times.”
  • Cocktail Party alert“On Tuesday night, the Jacksonville City Council voted 15-1 on Tuesday to approve an $18-million deal that sets the stage for the city to demolish the Landing…”
  • David Hale looks at how punters and kickers pass the time.
  • The secret to Georgia’s offensive line’s success?  Size and Sam Pittman.
  • Mose of the players who will appear in this game are two to four years old today.
  • Yeah, that Jeff Long is a fine athletic director.


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7 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. illinidawg

    Mose Allison?


  2. Bulldog Joe

    If Missouri truly wanted to be bold, they would put a Tar Heel sticker on those helmets.

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  3. That actually was a good interview with Junior. He’s very complimentary of the Orange Neck.


  4. KornDawg

    This is the only buffet that I don’t consider to be overpriced.


  5. Michael Flinn

    Mizzou could have learned from Georgia’s experience:
    “In this instance, the message is loud and clear that neither proactive self-reporting nor exemplary cooperation is of any value to the committee. I am shocked this is the message the NCAA wants to send to its membership in today’s climate.


  6. Mayor

    The Beaty situation does not surprise me. Expect more such disingenuous conduct from colleges as the buyouts get bigger. Ever since Texas Tech got away with the trumped up reason for firing Leach dishonest ADs and college presidents have been given a way to get rid of coaches if they can just lie enough. Jeff Long is a snake. Doesn’t surprise me he would be among those who would try this.