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“No one is safe. I don’t care about anybody.”

Clearly, no one has ever told Zach Smith about the Rule of Holes.

The Rule of Assholes, though… yeah, he’s pretty up to speed on that one.



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TFW it just means less

Deandre​ Baker, on his ultimate decision not to play in the Sugar Bowl ($$):

Baker was then asked how the playoff has changed decision-making for prospects such as himself.

“If it’s not the playoff, the game — it means something — but you don’t want to get hurt in that last game that doesn’t really hold any value,” Baker said. “It’s just another game to say you finished with your dogs. But knowing you’ve got a bright future ahead of you, and that this game isn’t the national championship or the college playoff if you go out and get hurt, it doesn’t only hurt you, but it hurts your family if you have to take care of your family and be the breadwinner. It’s things like that.”

Y’all keep telling me more CFP games don’t devalue anything.  Yeah, sure.

Of course, the obvious solution is to expand the postseason — excuse me, the meaningful postseason — enough so that players like Baker won’t sit out.  Brackets, for the win!


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Politicians are fans, too.

Senator Chris Murphy, who’s been looking into the NCAA’s rules against paying student-athletes, is issuing a report today called Madness, Inc.: How is everyone getting rich off college sports—except the players.  He thinks something needs to be done, but knows there’s a built-in reluctance for many of his peers.

“When it comes up in casual conversation, I get a lot of nodding heads,” Murphy said. “That being said, the Power Five is the Power Five. The majority of senators have a school that belongs to a Power Five conference. There’s always been a little hesitancy here in taking on the college sports complex.”

How much of that is power taking care of the powerful and how much of it comes from having a direct rooting interest?  I have no idea, but note this comment from Murphy in the same article:  “I follow recruiting pretty closely…”  That may be the first time I’ve ever heard anyone in Congress admit that.  Some enterprising marketer at Sports247 or Rivals ought to promote that.  I mean, since student-athletes can’t…


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Dawg porn, behind a pay wall

Seth Emerson ($$) assesses the spring buzz surrounding Georgia’s fourteen early enrollees, and let’s just say I’m really looking forward to this year’s G-Day game.  A sample:

OLB Nolan Smith: The freshman, who some outlets had as the nation’s top overall prospect, looks as good as expected so far. From the simple viewing period of practice, Smith (6-foot-3 and 230 pounds) fills out a uniform well as he runs shuttle drills and hits tackling sleds. The word behind the scenes is similar: He is legit.

If you don’t mind, I’ll be off by myself for a little while now.


UPDATE:  Non-paywall e/e buzz here.

The upshot for me is Johnson’s and Smith’s timing couldn’t be more fortunate.  They have skills and their skills are needed.


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The continuing adventures of if it ain’t broke…

You know, it’s funny.  As much as plenty of us keep grousing about Georgia’s offensive shortcomings, it sure seems like it keeps coming up in favorable mention with a lot of powerhouse offenses.

Maybe Kirby’s got this.


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Name that caption, 404 edition

This seems… awkward.

And where’s the shot of them chowing down at Waffle House?



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Pay your taxes.

Maybe this is why the NCAA is fighting Judge Wilken so hard.

Right now, the NCAA falls under the charitable exemption in the Internal Revenue Code for educational institutions. But if the entertainment provided by the NCAA is not provided by amateurs, it is really no different from entertainment provided by media companies like ESPN or Amazon, which are not tax exempt.

It is doubtful that college-sports fans tune into the NCAA basketball tournament for educational purposes…

Honestly, I’m surprised the NCAA hasn’t marketed a pitch like that yet.


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