Politicians are fans, too.

Senator Chris Murphy, who’s been looking into the NCAA’s rules against paying student-athletes, is issuing a report today called Madness, Inc.: How is everyone getting rich off college sports—except the players.  He thinks something needs to be done, but knows there’s a built-in reluctance for many of his peers.

“When it comes up in casual conversation, I get a lot of nodding heads,” Murphy said. “That being said, the Power Five is the Power Five. The majority of senators have a school that belongs to a Power Five conference. There’s always been a little hesitancy here in taking on the college sports complex.”

How much of that is power taking care of the powerful and how much of it comes from having a direct rooting interest?  I have no idea, but note this comment from Murphy in the same article:  “I follow recruiting pretty closely…”  That may be the first time I’ve ever heard anyone in Congress admit that.  Some enterprising marketer at Sports247 or Rivals ought to promote that.  I mean, since student-athletes can’t…


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2 responses to “Politicians are fans, too.

  1. Adam Smith

    Nothing says free market like legislative corruption, oops meant, action.


  2. Cousin Eddie

    Somehow I can see the congressman getting a paying gig talking about croot’n while still leaving the players out to dry and he would never think twice about it.