A rock in Waco has just been turned over.

Who knows what’s going to crawl out?

A federal judge in Texas ruled Thursday that a law firm must turn over thousands of records that lawyers believe will give a fuller accounting of how Baylor University responded to sexual assault allegations made by students.

Judge Robert Pitman said in his order that Philadelphia-based Pepper Hamilton must produce all materials related to its internal review that resulted in a 2016 summary report finding an “institutional failure at every level.”

The firm “must produce all materials” in its control that Baylor either has not produced or doesn’t possess, Pitman determined. He swept aside several objections that Pepper Hamilton had lodged, including that the federal court in Waco, home to the university, did not have jurisdiction in the matter. He ordered that the materials be provided by April 11.

I have no idea myself, but hope it puts Ken Starr in the worst possible light.



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6 responses to “A rock in Waco has just been turned over.

  1. Mark

    To our lawyers on the blog, a tangential question: is this a forced violation of attorney-client privilege? Or do I not understand 1) the relationship between Baylor and Pepper Hamilton, and/or 2) the nature of attorney-client privilege?


    • Gaskilldawg

      The privilege belongs to the client, not the lawyer. The argument is Baylor waived the privilege by releasing the report to the public.


  2. Reipar

    First penn state now Baylor. No good comes from doing a report.


  3. ASEF

    Baylor insisted on an oral report only, under the assumption an oral report could not leak in any meaningful way and that all preparatory materials would fall under privilege. Starr, Briles and McCaw have used that lack of public record to run around blaming “Baylor” for everything that happened (ignoring the obvious, that they were Baylor), and now it looks like everything is going to go public anyway.

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  4. Russ

    I hope they find some really stinky laundry with Star and Briles written on it. McCaw, too.