Getting physical

There’s some real poppin’ going on here.


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  1. Salty Dawg

    I need to excuse myself to go and reflect on this…


  2. Meanwhile, on the Flats, they’re sweating to the oldies …

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  3. The Black Irish

    I haven’t been this excited about an upcoming season in quite a while. I’m ready to see some of the young guys take that next step… especially on defense.

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  4. Austin

    Watched this live yesterday and going back for more on Saturday. Chubb was also in attendance. Ben Cleveland seems completely healthy and huge. The o looks outstanding. Bennett is taking all the second string snaps. I mean yesterday was all fundamentals but they looked good, big, and fast.


    • You realize you are now responsible, nay, obligated to make full reports here. 😉


      • Austin

        If I can figure out how to load some pictures I can add the practice schedule and drills and verbiage, along with the spring roster and number chart. I saw two d line men on the bikes for a long time. Julian Roschester (sp) and I can’t remember the other. I know Herrien had a lot of carried and Swift is much smaller than I pictured him to be but he had some grown man stiff arms during sideline drills and buddy tackles.


        • moe pritchett

          “Swift is much smaller”
          Smaller or shorter?


        • California dawg

          Thanks for the report! Any sightings of Zeus or Cook? Has Cook put on any weight?


        • Cojones

          You now have an audience for your reports. We need this!

          Now I’m going to retire for the week with an early afternoon dooby. I’ll light one for you, Austin. Btw, what’s your political position? 🙂


          • Macallanlover

            Stick to things you understand Old Timer, you get confused and hazy when you venture away from the field of play.


    • Salty Dawg

      Thanks for the report, Austin. It all sounds good to me! Please let us know how things look after Saturday!


  5. Austin

    Saw this live. Got the opportunity to attend practice and will agin on Saturday.


  6. The Truth

    I thought everyone had forgotten about it as a drill, but there it is in Red and Black…OLD SCHOOL EFFING OKLAHOMA!! Don’t work so hard on hype videos, Dawg staff, just keep feeding us the real thing!


  7. ugafidelis

    I hope Herrien has a Hell of a season.


  8. Derek

    It’s time to be the bully.

    Lean on them and makes their asses fucking quit!

    No more tricks.

    Bulls on Parade 24/7 in 2019 all the way down to New Orleans.

    I want a 15 week trail of destruction that would make the fucking Vikings turn away in horror and disgust.

    Kelly… DEAD!

    Pruitt … DEAD!

    Mullen DEAD!!

    Gus DEAD!

    Jimbo DEAD!

    Collins DEAD!

    Just give us a fucking competent crew in stripes in the big ones PLEASE!!

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    • Argondawg

      This reads like one of the Penthouse letters from my youth. Knock that shit off Derek I am old and my heart can’t take it.


    • Macallanlover

      “competent crew in stripes in the big ones”…now you are dreaming. After January 2018, I will never trust that the better team wins again. Outright thievery by the Big? group that 2nd half; not saying a conspiracy but you had to try to miss a couple of those key calls/non-calls. Turned a W into an L.


  9. Austin

    Senator I am about to head two the practice today. Would you like me to update here? Or on a different post? Also Swift was smaller as in muscle size. I did see Cook he looks bigger than last year. Just let me know where to post today’s info.