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The evolution of jorts

Oh, baby, meet the “jantie”.

Before you ask, “what’s the big deal with that?”, consider what the average Florida fan you run across looks like.



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C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, touch me now…

Unlike Mike Griffith, I don’t think Kirby Smart is going into this season with an objective to give D’Andre Swift an opportunity to win the Heisman, but do I think Smart plans on running more of Georgia’s offense through its best player?  Sounds like it:

“I think the biggest thing, besides his health, is just the touches,” Smart said in an exclusive interview with WSB for the Bulldogs Game Day Show. “He’s been sharing touches, sharing touches, and he’s really a talented player.

“We’ve got to find a way to get him more touches and he’s got to be able to handle the volume, and a lot of that comes with a good offseason, which he has had so far.”

There’s little question that Swift looked like a different back late last season once he got over his injury problem.  He was tenth nationally in yards per carry last November.  He’s indicated that he’s turning pro after this season.  There’s experience on the roster with Brian Herrien, but he’s not the same quality back.  There’s tremendous potential with kids like Zamir White, but right now, potential is all there is.  Add all that up and it’s a no-brainer that Smart wants more touches for Swift.

Early on, at least, it’s gonna be D’Andre’s world, and we Dawg fans are gonna be lucky enough to live in it.


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“We all know one another and we know what each other is going to do.”

I know coaches are generally reluctant to say they’ve changed jobs for the money, even when that’s apparent, so it’s no surprise to me that Jim Chaney doesn’t go there.  Instead, he drops this:

Chaney grew philosophical when asked about learning about his offensive personnel at Tennessee, ultimately indicating he may have more control of his offense there, than he did at Georgia.

“You understand, wherever job you go, there is no perfect coach and there is no perfect team,” Chaney said. “You try to get wherever you are at and try to understand the personalities of the players and their talent level.

“Also, the philosophy of the head football coach and the way he wants to do things,” he said. “It has been interesting for me to watch the existing offense for these first eight practices and seeing who we are. In my mind, I am trying to sort out what kind of offense I think we should play ….”

Sounds like Jeremy Pruitt isn’t requiring him to Impose His Will.  Wonder what Chaney will call the first time UT has a first-and-goal against Florida this year.


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