C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, touch me now…

Unlike Mike Griffith, I don’t think Kirby Smart is going into this season with an objective to give D’Andre Swift an opportunity to win the Heisman, but do I think Smart plans on running more of Georgia’s offense through its best player?  Sounds like it:

“I think the biggest thing, besides his health, is just the touches,” Smart said in an exclusive interview with WSB for the Bulldogs Game Day Show. “He’s been sharing touches, sharing touches, and he’s really a talented player.

“We’ve got to find a way to get him more touches and he’s got to be able to handle the volume, and a lot of that comes with a good offseason, which he has had so far.”

There’s little question that Swift looked like a different back late last season once he got over his injury problem.  He was tenth nationally in yards per carry last November.  He’s indicated that he’s turning pro after this season.  There’s experience on the roster with Brian Herrien, but he’s not the same quality back.  There’s tremendous potential with kids like Zamir White, but right now, potential is all there is.  Add all that up and it’s a no-brainer that Smart wants more touches for Swift.

Early on, at least, it’s gonna be D’Andre’s world, and we Dawg fans are gonna be lucky enough to live in it.


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15 responses to “C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, touch me now…

  1. Russ

    Swift will be the featured back, for sure, but I think Herrien will do a great job this season as well. I really hope Zeus is healthy.


    • Macallanlover

      I agree, Herrien will surprise to the upside. He my not have Swift’s physical skills but he runs angry and should enjoy success behind this OL. He will be happy to take all the carries/yards he can get if Swift saves himself for the pros. Kid has been swimming upstream ever since he arrived in Athens and plays with a lot of heart. Need more just like him across the roster. Iron sharpening iron here, imo.

      Zeus is the wild card in the UGA RB room. He is a Gurley/Chubb type of talent, we just don’t know when, if ever, he will get his mojo back. I expect to see him start slow in 2019, and hopefully, set the stage for 2020. He deserves some good fortune after what he has gone through.


  2. Tony Barnfart

    I hope for Herrien to have a Thomas Brown like Sr. year. Moreno rubbed off on Brown and I’m hoping a little bit of Swift can do the same.


  3. GruvenDawg

    I can’t wait!!!

    Swift will have an amazing year behind the o-line we put out there…Swift is special in the open field and gets to full speed so fast. Depending on health and touches he should see 6.6+ Ypc, 1300+ yards, 15+ TD’s plus what he gets in the passing game. Dangerous.


  4. Don’t know about other hc/staffs philosophy, it’s apparent UGA’s HC and staff is recruiting top talent cause they’ll be gone in 3 years or transfer…this talent surge we are experiencing won’t stop any time soon…we’ve seen it in the hoops world, it is now in this neighborhood….


  5. moe pritchett

    Swift will get his I truly believe. 1000 plus OTG and another 350 passing.
    Herrien will be fun to watch too; he is deceptively punishing.


  6. artful codger

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him bust a buckfifty 7 or 8 games this season


  7. J.G.

    Kirby and Coley would be nuts not to throw to Swift and Cook out of the backfield. We’ve got the weapons; let’s use ’em all.


  8. J-Dawg

    UGA should use the Desert Storm tactics: Bomb them into submission with an overpowering O-line and Power Backs. Then use speed and massive weaponry to finish them off, i.e. Swift, Zeus, Cook, Herrien, D-Rob and the other receivers. If it comes to force on force, we win!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Salty Dawg

    I am diggin how the Dawgs always have top NFL draftees. I never paid much attention to the draft until Nick, Roquan, Isaiah, Lorenzo, and Sony declared. There was a lot of attention paid to them and I ate it up! This year’s Dawgs aren’t rated as high as the bonanza of last year, but they are there. I’m sure the Dawgs will represent again next year!


  10. Austin

    Ok here is what I saw at practice today. A lot of youth played. Almost exclusively on the backs today. The line center seems to be Hill. A lot of guards changed during practice and Cleveland had his helmet off a lot in between drills and seemed to work mainly with second team. I saw White and he was doing drills, but no contact. Barnnet and Roschester were still on bikes. Holloman was money all day seemed to be a go to. Fromm was a bit off, Bennett was surprisingly quick and good release but he is not Fromm. Line looks amazing. A lot of turn overs today in the air. But some big plays too. Blankship was money on the field goals, Cook was flying on punt return. Lots of carries by Herrien. Blount and Rice are fun to watch.


  11. Austin

    Forgot to mention that today was a lot of special teams work, really great work in the position meetings too. I went with the TE’s and special teams meeting. They were riding Geode, pretty hard about technique and blocking guys in the 8 versus 9 technique certain calls. Furthermore Fromm didn’t have a single bad pass in the five wide in the end zone section of practice. The line, jeez they look nasty and when Cleveland is healthy he’ll might break loose. I watched him accidentally pancake Mayes on a drill. White did get some looks outnof the back field with passes. Swift was very much pass blocking and not being risked for bruising up. If any of you can show me how to up load pics I have some great ones of the indoor practice facility, the practice schedule for the two I saw, and the locker room.

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