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“I thought it would be a really cool souvenir to take home.”

I know we’re talking about an organization that famously struggled with bagels and cream cheese, but if someone could define the fine line between towels and rugs, I’d be much obliged.


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Georgia’s “big games” of 2019

Over at CFN, Pete Fiutak looks at four “big games” on Georgia’s schedule and finds the Dawgs come out 3-1 in those.  First, the three wins:

Notre Dame at Georgia

Saturday, September 21
Georgia is going to be fantastic enough to be deep in the mix for the College Football Playoff, and Notre Dame will be rebuilding a bit too much to go on a run like it did last season. The world is giving you 11.5, though. Take it, just because the Irish will be just strong enough to make this a game.

Spring Line: Georgia -11.5
Spring Prediction: Georgia 31, Notre Dame 20

Georgia vs. Florida (in Jacksonville)

Saturday, November 2
Georgia has owned this over the last two years, but the game hasn’t been close in a while, either way. The last time the Cocktail Party was decided by less than a touchdown was 2013 – a 23-20 Florida win – and seven of the last eight have been by four points or more. For now, Georgia is the play.

Spring Line: Georgia -4
Spring Prediction: Georgia 27, Florida 20

Texas A&M at Georgia

Saturday, November 23
Texas A&M is going to be terrific, but Georgia will be better. The Aggies could absolutely win this outright, but if the world is giving you almost two touchdowns, you say thank you, and go on your way.

Spring Line: Georgia -13.5
Spring Prediction: Georgia 28, Texas A&M 20

Kinda strange how Georgia manages to give up exactly the same number of points in each of the three wins.  It’s also a little strange that Fiutak sees an offense that was held under 35 points only twice during the entirety of the 2018 regular season will miss that mark in all three of these games.

As for the loss,

Georgia at Auburn

Saturday, November 16
Auburn is not only getting nine at home, but it has a week off before the showdown. The Bulldogs will be coming off of dates against Florida and Missouri.

Spring Line: Georgia -9
Spring Prediction: Auburn 20, Georgia 17

So, in its fourth big game, Georgia’s defense again manages to hold the opponent to 20, but its offense can’t scratch three touchdowns.  On the one hand, it’s a little hard to believe that Auburn breaking in a new quarterback outscores an offense led by Jake Fromm in his third season.  On the other hand, if Kirby Smart’s team has an Achilles heel, it’s road games against Western Division teams.

Your thoughts?



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The difference a couple of months make

Dear Senator,

When it comes to player compensation, I don’t understand how this market thing works.  Can you give me an example?


An amateurism romantic

Dear Romantic,

Here you go.



PS — It’s not rocket science.


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“I just love being coached (by them).”

When it comes to preseason happy talk, new coach approach is right up there with strength and conditioning improvements.

“Coach Warren, he’s a technician,” Bulldogs cornerback Eric Stokes said. “He’ll get your feet right, he’ll get your eyes right. He wants the little things right, and so far, I’ve fell in love with his process.”

Unlike that sloppy Mel Tucker, right?


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