Georgia’s “big games” of 2019

Over at CFN, Pete Fiutak looks at four “big games” on Georgia’s schedule and finds the Dawgs come out 3-1 in those.  First, the three wins:

Notre Dame at Georgia

Saturday, September 21
Georgia is going to be fantastic enough to be deep in the mix for the College Football Playoff, and Notre Dame will be rebuilding a bit too much to go on a run like it did last season. The world is giving you 11.5, though. Take it, just because the Irish will be just strong enough to make this a game.

Spring Line: Georgia -11.5
Spring Prediction: Georgia 31, Notre Dame 20

Georgia vs. Florida (in Jacksonville)

Saturday, November 2
Georgia has owned this over the last two years, but the game hasn’t been close in a while, either way. The last time the Cocktail Party was decided by less than a touchdown was 2013 – a 23-20 Florida win – and seven of the last eight have been by four points or more. For now, Georgia is the play.

Spring Line: Georgia -4
Spring Prediction: Georgia 27, Florida 20

Texas A&M at Georgia

Saturday, November 23
Texas A&M is going to be terrific, but Georgia will be better. The Aggies could absolutely win this outright, but if the world is giving you almost two touchdowns, you say thank you, and go on your way.

Spring Line: Georgia -13.5
Spring Prediction: Georgia 28, Texas A&M 20

Kinda strange how Georgia manages to give up exactly the same number of points in each of the three wins.  It’s also a little strange that Fiutak sees an offense that was held under 35 points only twice during the entirety of the 2018 regular season will miss that mark in all three of these games.

As for the loss,

Georgia at Auburn

Saturday, November 16
Auburn is not only getting nine at home, but it has a week off before the showdown. The Bulldogs will be coming off of dates against Florida and Missouri.

Spring Line: Georgia -9
Spring Prediction: Auburn 20, Georgia 17

So, in its fourth big game, Georgia’s defense again manages to hold the opponent to 20, but its offense can’t scratch three touchdowns.  On the one hand, it’s a little hard to believe that Auburn breaking in a new quarterback outscores an offense led by Jake Fromm in his third season.  On the other hand, if Kirby Smart’s team has an Achilles heel, it’s road games against Western Division teams.

Your thoughts?


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31 responses to “Georgia’s “big games” of 2019

  1. According to a number of commenters here, we would be 0-1 in big games because the only games that are big games are the ones in which Georgia loses.

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  2. UGA '97

    An early game makes more sense to become more challenge because Zeus should be cranking on all cylinders by the time we play Auburn, such as UT. Playing LSU in the Benz will be the bigger Western test outside of Athens.


  3. Slawdawg

    The 2013 cocktail party was a 23-20 Georgia win. Not a Florida win. C’mon Pete!

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    • Muttley

      I clicked in here to same the same. For some reason people love to overturn our old wins.

      A few years ago I stood in line at the post office behind a maggot wearing a t-shirt that celebrated their 2009 season, including an alleged win over Georgia at Grant (Richt) Field by flopping the score. History re-written by the losers.


    • chopdawg

      Welcome to the Age of No Editors.


  4. ChiliDawg

    I think if he wasn’t being REALLY lazy with this write-up he would have noticed that he had all four opponents scoring the same # of points and at least adjusted that to make it look like he tried; as it turns out he didn’t even bother to make a show of making an effort.


  5. Harold Miller

    The only bright side to that scenario is, at least we didn’t get our heads handed to us in out trip out west. Assuming no other losses which would be a big surprise. Another trip to Atlanta and a shot at the playoff. That works for me.


  6. Uglydawg

    Maybe Georgia loses in a near shoot out, say 45 to 42…but this offense isn’t going to be held to two touchdowns and a field goal…even if Fromm was out, (Lord forbid!). Defenses will be bruised up and gasping for air in the fourth quarters.
    The only disclaimers I’d make is if the Dawgs have a nightmare where they turn the ball over six times, or if Penn Wagers reappeared as an SEC ref.


  7. Russ

    I could see the games going that way, but I still don’t see Florida within 2 scores of us. I think we’ll be strong this year, but the back end of the schedule is tough.


  8. Russ

    Oh, and the point spreads are all out if whack. I think ND and A&M will be close, and we will pound the Gators once again.


  9. Greg

    Last I looked, Georgia has won more at Auburn than in Athens. Throw out the home field advantage…..Dawgs by 14, 34-20


  10. Jim

    I’m surprised Derek hasn’t been along to state his opinion that we’re going to win them all this year. I agree with him. Toughest game will be Clemson in the playoff (who knows if that will be a first round game or for all the marbles)


  11. Paul

    It’s April. At this point any predictions from any source are pretty much just opinions based on not a whole lot. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and I’m not going to get too worked up about anything just yet. I’ll wait for the G-Day game for that.


  12. FlyingPeakDawg

    Depends on which game Kirby throws to motivate the team through the end of the season. My early guess is TAMU as it won’t keep us from the SECCG.


  13. Hobnail_Boot

    3 is a pattern. Auburn is our toughest game, at least looking at it in April.


    • Otto

      Not sure about that, Auburn is breaking in a QB. UF and and ATM are improving. A&M played Clemson tough. I also don’t like the timing of A&M coming in after playing UF and Auburn, it is ripe for injuries. A&M’s November in comparison is UTSA, a bye week, USCe at home, and then a trip to Athens.

      Whatever the case as to who is toughest, if UGA goes 3-1 in the games listed, splitting the west, and sweeps the remainder, UGA will be playing in Atlanta again with a clear path to the playoff. I’ll be happy the week after Thanksgiving if UGA is headed to the SECCG with 1 loss or less.

      UF is likely the single biggest must win game as I could see them running the table going into the WLOCP. They do get a trip to LSU and Auburn at home. Auburn loves to upset UF which I am all for.


  14. dawgtired

    For some reason the TxA&M game doesn’t feel right. The forth in a SEC stretch, a hard fought win in a close battle against Auburn, and Fisher’s 2nd season.


    • stoopnagle

      That one bothers me as well. It falls after a pretty long, hard row of games for us; but then A&M has to go on the road to a team that hasn’t lost at home in two years, at the end of their long season, with the LSU game the next week. It’s more daunting for them, I think, than for us; and we’ve got better players on average. Still, as a Native Texan, I’m really disinterested in losing to both UT and A&M within one calendar year, thanks.


  15. stoopnagle

    I would probably take those outcomes right now.


  16. dawgxian

    I’m of the “Gus will be fired” by the time we play them mindset. And we lost to Fl in 2013? The things you learn


  17. Mike Cooley

    Freaking Auburn. Why is it that every single year, against all logic, they are predicted to be good and a problem for us?


  18. Salty Dawg

    This guy is nuts and lazy. We are kicking the gayturds asses again this year!


  19. Mayor

    I dunno. Is Bama in Atlanta a road game?


  20. TN Dawg

    Kirby and Fromm have struggled in the big games.

    Let’s hope this is the year they get that monkey off their back and bring home a Natty.