The difference a couple of months make

Dear Senator,

When it comes to player compensation, I don’t understand how this market thing works.  Can you give me an example?


An amateurism romantic

Dear Romantic,

Here you go.



PS — It’s not rocket science.



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15 responses to “The difference a couple of months make

  1. Gaskilldawg

    Is the bookstore putting the proceeds in a trust to hold until Melcole and the others graduate?

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  2. The Black Irish

    The deal from last year with Roquan, Chubb, and Michel cost like $200 if i remember right. I guess cause they were basically already UGA legends (not just UGA greats). I’m very curious to know how it works with the money generated. I would think some of it has to go to the players…


  3. DawgByte

    OCD? Naw!


  4. Aladawg

    Chubb last fall for $40, these 2 guys for $25, really? I’m just about out of the autograph business. Ridiculous. Holyfield and Hardman? No way. And the university thinks they are doing us a favor. Add that to all the signs around Butts – Mehre saying autographs were an NCAA violation and you further DEVALUE our experience. If UGA really cared they’d be paying these guys and offering them free.


  5. Dave

    I’ve always advocated a slow transition. My plan eases the delicate process of going from amateur to pro. Basically, it involves no money while still a student athlete, then, we pay them in hamburgers for a few weeks before laying out cash money.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    People pay for this? As the old saying goes; a fool and his money….gets invited to a lot of parties, and autograph signings apparently.


    • Bat City Dawg

      Lol this is my thought. I couldn’t even justify it if I had an 11 year old who worshiped one of these guys.

      What is the crowd like at this? families or creepy middle aged guys in jerseys?


  7. 86BONE

    Speaking of money, how bout our boy Kiz gutting that tech maggot yesterday and earning a cool $1.745 Million over in Austin!
    Kiz and our other UGA greats are on a roll this year…


  8. Derek

    Under a third party payor scheme, these signature sessions would be rendered completely obsolete. All the money would have been decided prior to enrollment. The only changes would occur if the player exceeded expectations and then he’d be able to renegotiate his terms of enrollment with his benefactors.

    In short, these guys wouldn’t be wasting their day signing items for us rubes.


  9. WNCDawg

    3 things of note :
    (#1 It seems if you listen to many and I don’t make a habit of listening to 4- 5* interviews before signing is there a common thread and is the coaching speak of coaching me up for the league
    (#2 In theory either a agent which should not have access to the team or these guys that left early this class of 18 should have someone help the players to read the NFL’s script in which they give each player coming to the league a scouting report of where their number may be called. Lastly, I Hope least that coaches encouraged these players to spring forward to open roster spots.
    (#3 I know this point is vague but per example the depth on the O Line; When you allow the 1st team RT to do a singing but the 2nd team is ignored. Coach Kirbs has spoken leadership from last season and leading into 19’. Seems to me like if there is not equal repentance to the rest of let’s say 48-54 ( NFL model comes to mind) players then have some dissent and going into the Sugar Boel with Baker playing and then not. Fields going not playing and after the game was no where to be found that enough sticks had rubbed to gather to start a bonfire even after the chances of the flicker of being in the 4 Team Playoff was blown away.
    In summary you can not choose or leave out players opportunities like you do a Peter Milar shirt ($125) in the book store. There’s a lot of snakes when you start down that hole.
    Not saying they should not be compensated but the amount, where and when will be a slippery road. Not to mention how does The Dawgs compare to say The Big Urange, or the Auburn pick one of 3 names to call them fit the model so supposedly we are no a level field of competition. ( Waggering that has not been equal anyway since the Bear recruited kids so they could not play against The Elephants )


  10. chopdawg

    Not sure I understand this post. These guys are no longer UGA players, right? So I guess they are getting paid, right? If not, why would they participate?


    • MDDawg

      I think that’s the point. The question was basically “how would the free market determine the value of the players’ services or likenesses as amateurs?” Well here someone’s clearly determined the value of their autographs, and the only difference between now and a couple of months ago is that they’re not calling themselves amateurs anymore. Did they suddenly unravel some mathematical mystery that had been baffling economists for ages? No, they simply took the NCAA out of the equation.


      • Cojones

        And wisely using their UGA fame while it is cooling slowly in order to take advantage of the opportune time in many UGA fans’ memory. You wouldn’t expect them to get a jump into the NFL limelight as others in recent memory have, either through greater talent or by chance so that they maximize their gains now while the memory imprint lasts. Good plan.