The model of a modern SEC cornerback

This is what a lockdown corner looks like.

I’ve seen some chatter out there about Georgia’s secondary being even better in the wake of Baker’s departure, and while anything’s possible, those are some mighty big shoes to fill.  I like what Eric Stokes brings to the table, but two straight seasons without getting beat in the endzone?  Let’s see it.


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15 responses to “The model of a modern SEC cornerback

  1. We got a taste of what the secondary is going to be like without Dre taking away half the field in New Orleans … there is a lot of young talent that really got exploited at points in the game especially without a consistent pass rush.


    • The other Doug

      Yep. I think that’s why Kirby is talking about creating havoc. He can’t give the QB a lot of time.


  2. Jack Burton

    Divaad Wilson is our next great CB. He’ll be a first round pick in 2021.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Chauncey Gardner-Johnson came in second? I suppose getting bulldozed and helped off the field still counts as preventing Swift from scoring.


  4. Biggus Rickus

    I’ve seen people concerned about this based on the bowl game, and I don’t get it. They allowed 169 yards at 6.3 YPA and didn’t give up a passing touchdown. I don’t think they’ll have a corner as good as Baker, but overall, improved play at the opposite corner and safeties could make the secondary better. Or they could NOT improve, which means they’ll be solid instead of good or great.

    I’m honestly more concerned (concerned might be too strong a word, since I think they’ll be fine) about the outside linebackers. For all of the talent on the roster, nobody did much outside of Walker last year. Some guys are going to need to make some strides this year.


    • Biggus Rickus

      I meant to respond to ee with this.


    • Early in the game, they gave up a number of 3rd down conversions and the tackling in the secondary was atrocious.

      I guess my point to Stokes is “Don’t talk about it … prove it on the field” because I didn’t see it in the Texas game against a QB who wasn’t a great passer.


  5. DavetheDawg

    Imagine the possibilities if Richard LeCounte can figure out that whole tackling thingy?


  6. GruvenDawg

    I think whoever is playing star this year on obvious passing downs is going to be the difference. The corners are good but I don’t expect either of them will put up those type of numbers. Baker was special. Curious to see if we have more man on man looks with Warren coaching. I would expect us to spring the man on man looks vs Chaney and Pruitt and see how they adjust.


  7. J-Dawg

    First game against USC will tell the tale. Cackalacky will be a game that Kirby figures he can experiment and see if they can rush Bentley. Will be interesting to watch.


  8. CEPH

    I am not impressed with Reed or The Counts tackling. I have never seen either of them take on a runner and stand him up or stop him in his tracks and for safeties you absolutely need that!


  9. Greg

    He hasn’t allowed a TD since ’16 cause……NO ONE THREW TO HIS SIDE!!


  10. stoopnagle

    I prefer Johnsonville products, myself.


  11. 92 grad

    I sure hope bake has a good career. This stat makes it obvious that the majority of our less than great qb sacks were really coverage sacks.