Has anybody heard from Herbie?

I was gonna go there, but according to Seth Emerson ($$), it sounds like others have already beaten me to the punch.

Smart is far from the first coach to deal with this. Mark Richt did. Nick Saban did and still does. Steve Spurrier did. But Smart is going through it now, and this gives outsiders a chance to question the player leadership on the team, the overall discipline of the program, or just ammunition to tweak the meme to “Kirby Smart has lost control.” (Plenty are already doing that.)

(For yuks, here’s a particularly irate version of that from an outsider.  But I digress.)

For what it’s worth, it sounds like Kirby is taking this personally.

So what is a head coach to do? Smart was asked exactly that Tuesday and indicated that harsher punishments may be necessary. He called playing at Georgia a “privilege,” and one that could be revoked.

“I’ll be honest with you, I think sometimes you don’t realize it until the privilege is lost. Sometimes it takes a catastrophic event to change your course,” Smart said. “And when I’m talking a catastrophic event that is losing your privilege of being here. That’s unfortunate. But we’re going to follow the rules and policies on these guys and move forward.”

“Losing your privilege” sounds like a serious threat, potentially at least.  And as Seth goes on to note, if you really want to make an example of someone, outside linebacker, where Georgia is loaded, is a convenient place to make one.  Perhaps that point is already seeping through some thicker skulls, as Brenton Cox had the good sense to delete his dumbass tweet from yesterday.

That being said, it’s not like Mark Richt didn’t dismiss a few miscreants from the team.  A lot of good that did his meme.  Best of luck going forward with this, Kirbs.


UPDATE:  Hell, I forgot to mention that Smart did a little gallows humor yesterday.  You guys know I love gallows humor.

Two more Georgia football players were arrested on Tuesday, adding to a growing list on the team running afoul of the law this spring.

So when coach Kirby Smart was asked 12 minutes into his postpractice press conference where his team had gotten better this spring, he said bluntly: “Well, it ain’t off the field I can promise you that.”

In case you can’t tell, he’s pissed.


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21 responses to “Has anybody heard from Herbie?

  1. He should be pissed. He knows this team has the raw talent to be championship quality.


  2. artful codger

    The bit of sympathy and understanding I felt for Cox left when I read his cryptic tweet.

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  3. Ray Avret

    At the end of the day Spurier sure sounded like a genius at times …. Just thinking back to his quote about having to play UGA while at SC so early every year
    “I don’t know. I sort of always liked playing them that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.”


  4. Salty Dawg

    I bet Chip Towers’ head has exploded over the latest arrests but I’m not willing to click on any of his articles to find out.


  5. Bright Idea

    I wonder if making an example of the guys who got busted after the 17 SECC game would have made a difference for future miscreants? Probably not but it’s starting to look like Kirby is putting talent and depth ahead of obeying the law. Another hit or too and his credibility is going to be in question no matter how much we blame it on the college boys being boys.


  6. Kevin

    Much ado about nothing. Once August rolls around, we won’t even remember these times.


  7. Got Cowdog

    I had to click on the second link. I had forgotten about TB. Is he permanently banned from the site?
    Poor guy still hasn’t figured out how to use a comma.


  8. Puffdawg


    “I am an outsider am I you son of God Damn BITCH Senator of NOTHING BLUTO ?”

    is not quote of the day is quite the letdown Senator. You’re slipping.

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  9. Salty Dawg

    He defines the saying, ‘misery loves company’ because he sounds like a miserable old coot who is lacking in grammatical knowledge.


    • Got Cowdog

      If he was 12 when Bluto banned him 3 years ago, that would make him 15 or so now. That sounds about right.


  10. I find it silly that Smart is taking the blame for this but claimed that the failed fake punt was due to poor player execution. Besides- how is he supposed to stop what happens on EVERY college campus? No one has that level of control. I also think it’s silly to equate getting busted for weed to a lack of discipline. So we’ve had 6 arrests, sure. It’s a big deal…if we ignore why they were arrested.

    Yes, this definitely feeds in to the idea that control and discipline has been lost. Opposing fans definitely believe it doesn’t happen at their school since their guys don’t get busted. The truth is that they do but they don’t get arrested and it’s not reported to all media.

    I’m just having a hard to getting up about players getting arrested for driving on suspended license, weed and fighting. What I do find disturbing is how Georgia players actually always get arrested for these things and how quickly it’s made public.


  11. Derek

    Is it ok if I just don’t care?

    Actual criminal behavior would concern me. Violence, sexual or otherwise, would concern me a great deal. Thievery would as well.

    Smoking weed and being a 19 yo knuckle head just doesn’t bother me.

    I did all that shit and no one made me run stadium steps at 530 am. I did ok without my having an overseer to whip me into shape.