“We don’t like the notion that we’re in violation of antitrust laws.”

No shit, Mark.  Seems like there’s a way to change that.

Emmert added that the association does not believe the courts should decide what qualifies as a benefit tethered to education.

“We just find that an unworkable proposal that anytime you want to have a discussion over whether or not something is or isn’t tethered [to] education, we have to go back to a judge and have that debate and discussion. That just seems inherently inappropriate and not an appropriate role for the judiciary, but one that does fit the role of the NCAA,” Emmert said.

Eh, forget I mentioned it.



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7 responses to ““We don’t like the notion that we’re in violation of antitrust laws.”

  1. MGW

    Well I do declare! All these unseemly negotiations with the help are givin me the vapors!


  2. Bill Glenon

    Pro football has an antitrust exemption, a salary cap, franchise tags, long term contracts, especially for rookies (4 year minimum) and other very anti-competitive, anti-capitalist rules. The NFL has determined that wild-west business model won’t result in a competitive environment.

    Are you suggesting that there should not be restrictions with college educational structures dealing with 18 year old kids who can’t remember to renew their licenses and put their blunts out of sight? Please elaborate on your proposed workable structure of college football paying players in an era of ostensible free agency.


    • Those 18-year olds you mock are considered legal adults under the law. They can vote, fight in wars and sign contracts. Believe it or not, there are also plenty of them who manage their lives without being careless or stupid.

      But that’s irrelevant. The law doesn’t grant an antitrust exemption because of someone’s level of intelligence or maturity.

      As I’ve patiently told you before, I don’t have a plan. It’s not my call. What I do have is a sincere belief that the NCAA violates antitrust law and student-athletes have as much right to bargain over compensation for their services and likenesses as you and I have.


  3. I agree with him.


  4. Got Cowdog

    Shorter Mark Emmert:
    “See this goose? It lays golden eggs.Stop trying to touch my goose”


  5. Classic City Canine

    I didn’t know you could attempt to end court proceedings just because you don’t like them. I’ll try this next time I get a ticket. I have a sneaking suspicion it might not work out but maybe the NCAA is better at that than I. They certainly have more court experience than I do.


    • Tony Barnfart

      I get what he’s saying there though. Sound like the perfect time for Congress to create another ABC agency that will be judge, jury and executioner……I kid I kid, but for real life matters that need to be decided in real life timeframes, going to court is pretty insane.