Dawgnation, on top of the world (sort of)

FOTB DC Weez boldly takes a Georgia flag where it has never gone before, at least to my knowledge.


There’s probably a “then I got high” joke lurking somewhere, but I’ll leave that for somebody else to make.


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23 responses to “Dawgnation, on top of the world (sort of)

  1. Bulldog Joe

    “Don’t cross Kirby again!”


  2. DCWeez, we want to see it at the summit. Safe travels and make sure you come back down.


  3. DC Weez

    I did get to 18,000 on Kala Patthar, a mountain across the valley from Everest Base Camp.


  4. Salty Dawg

    Wow! That is so awesome! Congrats and thanks for thinking of us Dawgs way below you!


  5. FlyingPeakDawg

    Stewart Mandel will be pained to learn that UGA is one of the top recognized teams by the Nepalese now. Well done DC Weez!

    Maybe a Sherpa can take the flag to the top?


  6. Cojones

    Way to go. Some of us realize that our chance has passed for that adventure and I appreciate your sharing in this manner. Kudos!


  7. Kirby never stops recruiting… anywhere


  8. BMan

    Yeah, but do they have a Waffle House up there? Just kidding, hell of an accomplishment.


  9. Got Cowdog

    Just looking at this makes my knee hurt.

    Way to go Weez. That’s a hell of an accomplishment


  10. Gurkha Dawg

    Damn Weez, major props. Climbing Everest was always a dream of mine. Never made the time when I was young. Way too old now. Oh well, It’s probably for the best, I would have probably died in the attempt.


  11. DC Weez for president! Of UGA, that is! Or the US?


    • here is your because I got high joke…….now I’m freezin my ass off on the side of a mountain and I know why……because I got high. Let me see if I got this right ,thin air , smell of Yak and no indoor plumbing and expensive….. someone had to be high. When Weez replaces Morehead as President does the Senator did “special” parking? Congratulations on making in home in one piece Weez


  12. Nashville West

    All of us on the left coast of Dawgnation are proud of you. Go Dawgs!