Just what Alabama needed.

It certainly was an eventful weekend to be an Auburn fan.  Aside from prematurely ejaculating over a men’s basketball national championship game appearance that never materialized, they were also greeted with this news:

Veteran college football coach Tommy Tuberville will run for the United States Senate in Alabama as a Republican, sources tell CBS Sports.

The longtime Auburn coach had considered running for governor in 2017. Instead, he will begin his political career pursuing the senate seat currently held by Democrat Doug Jones. The Republican primary for the seat is March 3, 2020. If Tuberville makes it through, the general election is Nov. 3, 2020.

Jones won the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions in 2017 when Sessions became U.S. Attorney General. In a bitter, contentious special election campaign, Jones finally beat Roy Moore by half a percentage point.

Former Donald Trump press secretary Sean Spicer is working on Tuberville’s campaign.

That combination of talent immediately brought this to mind.

Hey, it beats talking about the season he went to the spread and got fired.


UPDATE:  Oh, boy.

I’m beginning to think there’s some real blogging manna potential here.



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24 responses to “Just what Alabama needed.

  1. Saturday night had to be particularly special for you, Senator.

    Except for John Swofford crowing about both national titles (even though he has a one team football league right now), I could root for UVA. Sorry, I can’t stand that guy.


  2. Doug

    Spicer’s hiring proves that no matter how badly you make a fool of yourself, you’ll always be able to find a job in politics. Maybe Tubs was thinking the same thing when he decided to run.


  3. barneydawg

    I remember reading that Tubberville left Texas Tech during dinner with a recruit. Took a phone call from U of Cincinnati offering him the job and he left the table, never came back. Recruit and assistant coach wondering where he had gone.

    I also remember all the sideline shots of him picking his nose during games, with Jimmy Rayne whispering advice in his ear. Maybe he will do the same during debates. I am sure Rayne will own him just as much as he owns yallawood.


  4. moe pritchett

    I stopped reading at “premature ejaculating”
    Thanks. Made my morning.

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  5. Chi-town Dawg

    They say that in politics you want to be just slightly left or right of center in order to capture the majority of the voters without leaning too far either way. I guess we’ll get to see how many Bama fans will cross that line and vote for Tubbs;-)


  6. Harold Miller

    I wonder what Phyllis from Mulga thinks about all this?


  7. Huntindawg

    Will he run “NASCAR” style?


  8. I think he ought to skip the Senatorial campaign and just run for President, with former Alabama coach Jennings Bryan “Ears” Whitworth as his running mate.


  9. Dawg19

    If this means he won’t be calling Georgia games for several years, I’ll help campaign tomorrow.

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  10. Brandon

    I am now reminded of the immortal words of Spencer Hall regarding Tommy Tuberville:

    “Never underestimate the slick game of Tommy Tuberville. The man coached for almost a decade…at Auburn. Any man capable of surviving for so long under those conditions is a formidable strategist by any measure.”


    • Otto

      Funny but he wasn’t a strategist, he was a yes man to the coordinators Lowder and Company wanted hire and a decent recruiter.


      • Derek

        I disagree. He dodged jet gate, advantaged it, negotiated favorable terms in light of it and then was able to quit and get a huge buyout based on those terms.

        Whether he can, or is even willing to, look out for his constituents may well be questionable, but in a den of thieves and snakes, Tubs has shown a remarkable ability to thrive.

        He’s a sack of shit, but he’s a sly sack of shit.


  11. Charles

    Sorry for the digression, but, Senator, will you be gassing up the corporate blog jet and vamonos pronto vato to Minneapolis to watch the Hoos win it all? I’m a Duke fan, and even I thought Saturday night was pretty special. Glad to see y’all on the precipice of it all.


  12. Ben

    This will be a great race, especially if Matt Gaetz joins the fray.

    Current front runner Bradley Byrne lost to Bentley in a gubernatorial race, and he’s so malleable that he became a biblical literalist the day after someone accused him of believing in evolution. My guess is that he won’t miderage and he’ll work to be perceived as more conservative than Tuberville.

    So watch closely. This will be a damn clown show.


  13. Ozam

    It will be interesting to see if Tubbs puts in more effort and prep-work than he did for his TV commentator gig. He was Gawd awful.