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The only thing more April-y than a spring ranking of Georgia’s early enrollees…

… is a re-ranking of those early enrollees.  But it is April, right?

Smiles aside, one takeaway from Rowe’s post is that they don’t seem to lack for talent in the secondary.  That can’t hurt.


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“We don’t have that right now, no.”

Shorter Georgia offensive linemen:  of all the defensive lines in the world, our program certainly has one of them.


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Envy and jealousy, spring game snark edition

So, Jeremy Pruitt’s taking a page out of the Kirby Smart “fans must be a spring game prop for recruiting” book.  That, in turn, has inspired John Adams.

Imagine how you would feel a few years from now if an All-SEC player told a reporter, “I almost signed with Tennessee, but Alabama had more fans at its spring game. So, I picked the Tide and never looked back.”

I have such a strong sense of empathy, I feel guilty just writing that.

Some Tennessee fans still feel guilty from the last spring game when Pruitt admonished them for the lack of attendance. They’re probably were asking themselves after the 2018 season, “Would we have ended our losing streak to Vanderbilt if I had gone to the spring game?”

My unbiased opinion: No. So, stop beating yourselves up.

Not bad, and there’s even more if you want.


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That Tennessee schedule

One thing I hadn’t latched onto was Tennessee’s schedule this year.  It’s definitely manageable.  Outside of a tough midseason stretch against the three preseason ranked teams the Vols face — @ Florida 9/21, Georgia 10/5 and @ Alabama 10/19 — the rest hearkens back to prime Fulmer days.  Non-conference opponents are Georgia State, BYU, Chattanooga and UAB (they open the season against the first three in a row).  November is just like they’re used to.

Basically, if UT can upset Florida or Georgia, it should be in the thick of things for the division.


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